MASSENA — State Sen. Joseph A. Griffo got a first-hand look Sunday at two projects he had helped fund in Massena.

Sen. Griffo, R-Rome, had secured $300,000 for parking lot rehabilitation behind the Massena Town Hall and near the Massena Fire Station. He also secured $250,000 for capital improvements at the Massena Arena, including the replacement of the entire roof and work in the parking lot.

Sen. Griffo, the Senate deputy minority leader, was joined by village and town officials, including Mayor Timmy J. Currier, Supervisor Steven D. O’Shaughnessy, Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire, Town Council members Samuel D. Carbone Jr. and Melanie Cunningham, Department of Public Works Superintendent Hassan A. Fayad, Massena Recreation Director Michael P. McCabe, and John W. C. Meddings Jr., a member of the Massena Joint Recreation Commission.

Mr. Fayad pointed out some of the work that had been done on the municipal parking lot. The grant is in the town’s name. But the village and town are working together on the project, with the Department of Public Works doing the majority of the work, up to the final paving, which will be done by a contractor. Paving will begin on Sept. 23.

“There wasn’t much stone under the asphalt. We took it all down, about 16 inches,” Mr. Fayad said.

The center island was also removed because it was falling apart, and will not be replaced, Mr. Fayad said.

Sen. Griffo asked about the parking lot’s life expectancy. Mr. Fayad said criteria for that type of work is that it must have at least a 10-year life span.

“Obviously this is going to be a lot more. We won’t come back to this for another 30 years plus,” he said.

Sen. Griffo said maintaining infrastructure was important, but many people didn’t realize the cost associated with it. He said he would continue to seek funding to address other infrastructure projects.

“It may be a little more challenging,” he said. “But I think we’re still going to be able to identify areas.”

At the Massena Arena, Mr. McCabe explained some of the work that had been done outside and inside. The outside project included replacing the entire arena roof, which had leaking issues. Some of the inside work included addressing a safety issue with the bleachers by adding an additional 2x8 board to the seats to keep anyone from falling through a crack between the seats.

“The bleachers actually look considerably different,” Mr. McCabe said.

The New York Power Authority also replaced interior lighting with cost-saving LED lights at no cost to the town or village.

Mr. McCabe described some of the activities that take place at the arena, including pickleball, recreational skating, hockey, figure skating, broomball, Massena Central High School graduation and shows like the Model Train, Toy & Collectible Expo that will be held Sept. 28 and 29.

“So your programming is not that bad then,” Sen. Griffo said. “It’s a great facility. It’s good to have people utilizing it, too.”

The senator also visited Brasher Falls, where he joined town of Brasher officials and others for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new pavilion behind the Tri-Town Community Center.

He had secured $70,000 for the pavilion work, which included a structure kit, concrete base pad and roofing materials. In addition, he secured $50,000 for the town to purchase four generators, which will be located at the Helena water pump house and the town’s municipal building, garage and sewer plant.

He also visited St. John’s Episcopal Church in Massena to present Deacon Vicar Sonya Boyce with a proclamation noting the church’s 150th anniversary.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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