Ogdensburg plans to install history markers

Julie Madlin, Ogdensburg city historian, has helped get grants from an organization that installs historical makers. Provided photo

OGDENSBURG — The city historian and the Ogdensburg Public Library have teamed up to highlight the city’s rich history.

The Ogdensburg Public Library and City Historian Julie Madlin received grants through the William G. Pomeroy Foundation toward historical signage across the Ogdensburg area.

It’s about $1,200 per marker, according to Mrs. Madlin.

“We’ve been able to put a marker in at the Fort de la Presentation site and we just got another one for the Ogdensburg Cemetery,” she added.

The marker at the cemetery will honor Sheriff York, the county sheriff during the battle of Ogdensburg in 1813. Sheriff York commanded an artillery unit against the British and Canadian during the battle and was then taken prisoner until his wife went to the authorities in Prescott, Ontario, and demanded he be returned.

Mrs. Madlin noted they have the marker and will be putting it in soon.

“We want to do as many markers as we can,” Mrs. Madlin said. “The next marker I want to do is for a German pilot who escaped a Canadian prison. There’s lots of markers that I want to do, there’s so much history in Ogdensburg.”

In 1941, a German pilot escaped a Canadian prison, ending up in Ogdensburg after hitchhiking through the Laurentian Mountains and rowing across the St. Lawrence River.

Mrs. Madlin noted that they will be applying for another grant through the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for that marker in the fall.

Another marker recognizing women suffragists Marion Sanger Frank and Julius Frank will be placed on City Hall property this upcoming summer.

Mrs. Frank led the local suffrage movement and served on the Board of Supervisors for the St. Lawrence State Hospital. In 1915, she founded the Ogdensburg Political Equality Club, a group that promoted women’s right to vote in Northern New York, where she served as president.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank organized and spoke at women’s suffrage meetings at the Ogdensburg Opera House, which was a part of today’s City Hall property.

“The women’s suffrage sign is out standing right now, we’re just waiting for the funding so we can put it in,” Mrs. Madlin said.

The historical marker will not only showcase Ogdensburg’s rich history in women’s suffrage, but will also place Ogdensburg on the National Votes for Women Trail, which has more than 2,000 cites nationwide.

“Ogdensburg is a very walkable city,” Mrs. Madlin said. “When people come to visit they can very easily walk throughout the city and the signs will be able to help them understand why people and places were important here.”

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