Jellie to stay as city manager until end of 2022

Ogdensburg City Manager Stephen P. Jellie announced Tuesday that he intends to stay in the position through the remainder of the year. Watertown Daily Times

OGDENSBURG — City Manager Stephen P. Jellie has announced that he will stay on until the end of the year and then resign.

“Taking into consideration all the challenges facing the City of Ogdensburg during the year 2022, my family and I have decided that I will remain in the position of City Manager through the end of the year,” Mr. Jellie said in a press release Tuesday.

He said he will submit his written resignation, with a new effective date, to the City Council by its next meeting on May 23.

In February, Mr. Jellie announced that he would resign on July 8, citing his family as a reason for the decision. In mid-April, Mr. Jellie said that he had been asked by a majority of City Council to reconsider his decision.

Mr. Jellie wrote that the city continues to face the threat of financial collapse if “proactive concepts and decisions are not embraced immediately.” He said council has failed to heed his warnings and that further staff reductions will be needed because recommendations were not acted upon.

“The City is likely facing a deficit of over $1M going into fiscal year 2023 that will require additional personnel cuts, increases in property taxes or use of the recently stabilized fund balance to continue a balanced budget; none of these courses of action are good for the city,” he wrote.

He stated that he is committed to the goals and objectives given to him by the “Majority City Council” that are designed “solely to do what is right and best for the entire city.”

“For far too long previous city councils have catered to the unaffordable entitlements of a few, the out of touch demands of the unions and the constant attacks of the special interest while overlooking the needs of the entire community,” Mr. Jellie said. “Mayor Jeffrey Skelly, Deputy Mayor Steven Fisher and Councilor William Dillabough remain committed to changing the culture of mismanagement and the out of control thirst to raise property taxes that gripped the residents of this city for decades; I will continue to do all I can to support them.”

After being hired as a temporary city manager in July 2020, Mr. Jellie was appointed as the permanent city manager in September 2020.

Mr. Jellie has also been fire chief since July 2020, after the city had assistant fire chiefs handling those duties following the retirement of Fire Chief Michael J. Farrell in January 2020.

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Common sense

SEE THROUGH NY will tell you all the facts what he has been talking about. Lucky this guy hangs around. The city will go bankrupt if these public unions get their way. Or you will get even higher taxes. Greedy people. We left the city because of the taxes!!

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