Jamie W. Pruner

MASSENA — A 56-year-old Massena man faces several charges following the alleged rape of a 62-year-old female.

The Massena Police Department arrested Jamie W. Pruner, 387 South Main St., Apartment 3, Massena, on Friday and charged him with two felony counts of first-degree rape-forcible compulsion, two felony counts of first-degree sexual abuse-forcible compulsion, one felony count of first-degree unlawful imprisonment and one misdemeanor count of harassment.

Pruner was video arraigned by Canton Justice Michael Morgan and was released on his own recognizance under the New York State Bail Reform Law that took effect on Jan. 1. The St. Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office had requested he be held on $15,000 cash or $ 30,000 bond.

“The new Bail Reform Laws that were put in place on January 1, 2020 are making New York State an unsafe place to live and is causing Law Enforcement to not be able to protect its citizens. This case is just another example of why we need to further amend the NYS Bail Reform Laws.” Massena Police Chief Adam J. Love said in a statement.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Skye Opel

I thought that the bail reform was no cash bail for non violent offenders. Why is a man accused of kidnapping and rape not given bail or at least an ankle monitor and placed on house arrest?


NY letting criminals flood the streets in NYC. Liberal states will become very unsafe and even open the flood gates for more to leave. In the high thousands already.


DJT - you remind me of POTUS, just tossing out blather with nothing other than an a personal political opinion....at least do some research before you post! "Is NYC safe? The answer is a qualified yes! Considering 8,175,133 residents share 320 sq miles, NYC's crime rate is impressively low. According to FBI data, NYC is the safest big city in the U.S., ranking above San Jose and San Diego, California." As far as the article...don't agree with the new bail, or lack thereof law...

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