Accused officer faced other misconduct charges in past Huckle, now suspended, also disciplined following incidents in 2016 and 2017

Officer Brandon Huckle from the Massena Police Department is pictured in this screenshot from a video circulating on social media outlets.

MASSENA — A Massena police officer who was suspended from duty and charged with criminal mischief after a video showed him slamming a door into a garaged vehicle several times has been accused of misconduct in the past.

Brandon Huckle had been disciplined for misconduct following incidents on Dec. 4, 2016 and July 16, 2017.

According to records related to the 2016 incident, Officer Huckle, while off duty, hosted two people in his home who had been caught up in a 2013 drug sweep operation called “Operation Problem Child.” That operation involved a drug-related shooting on Maple Street and a standoff on Liberty Avenue that lasted for several hours.

In a “Stipulated Settlement and Agreement” signed by Officer Huckle and now-retired Police Chief Adam J. Love on Dec. 15, 2016, he admitted that he allowed the individuals into his house following an altercation at the Open Net earlier that evening. One of the individuals had been arrested in 2013 for kidnapping and was convicted of attempted kidnapping, the agreement notes.

In the stipulations, Officer Huckle acknowledged his behavior in the allegations; admitting that his actions constituted just cause for disciplinary action; and acknowledged “that such behavior constitutes misconduct for a police officer.”

The disciplinary penalties included the forfeiture of 12 hours of accrued vacation time. He was also ordered to “conduct himself in a manner (on and off duty) that meets standards set by department policy, rules, regulations and procedures.”

In the July 16, 2017 incident, Officer Huckle admitted that at about 3:15 a.m., he made a “highly intoxicated female” leave his bedroom naked after she had hidden in the closet because “another female, one that he had been hanging with all day Saturday and Saturday night at the Open Net bar came to his house.”

That same day, Officer Huckle acknowledged making several texts that “criticized and ridiculed” the Massena Police Department and a sergeant with the department.

“The texts were obscene, derogatory towards the department,” the Stipulated Settlement and Agreement that was signed on Dec. 5, 2017 notes.

The corrective action in that incident was that “Officer Brandon Huckle will conduct himself in a manner (on and off duty) that meets standards set by the department policy, rules, regulations and procedures.”

Police Chief Jason Olson said he could not discuss any specific details regarding Officer Huckle’s criminal or administrative cases.

“What I can say is that since his suspension in March, his administrative case has been moving through the civil service system pending an Article 75 hearing, which is the standard process for all civil service employees. The criminal case is moving through the court process as usual,” he said in an emailed statement.

“I was not the Chief or in administration at the time of the other two incidents or had any role in any part of those incidents and have no knowledge regarding them. The Chief at that time was Adam Love,” Chief Olson wrote. “I am unable to comment further on this issue due to both cases (administrative and criminal) still going through the necessary procedures and hearings in their respective courts.”

Officer Huckle had been charged with a felony count of third-degree criminal mischief following the March 16 incident captured in a 20-second video that showed his entering a garage and, when he opened the door, it struck the vehicle inside the garage. He was then seen flinging the door into the car two more times and then looking at the damage before walking away.

The video circulated in social media channels after attorney Brian P. Barrett posted it to Facebook in May, stating, “A Massena cop did this to my client’s car when they were executing a search warrant at his house on March 16, 2021.”

In a Facebook post, the Massena Police Department said officer Huckle had been suspended two months prior to the video being posted.

“Officer Huckle was suspended in March after the incident was reported to Massena Police Department Administration and is still currently suspended from duty. The Village of Massena Police Department has been and will continue to be diligent and transparent in addressing this matter,” it wrote.

“This matter and the video being circulated were immediately disclosed and turned over to District Attorney Gary Pasqua in March by The Massena Police Department. Since the incident was reported in March, several attempts were made to communicate with the vehicle owner to notify and meet with them regarding the matter. The vehicle owners refused to cooperate until recently (May 3rd). Due to ongoing criminal and disciplinary matters, the Village of Massena will not provide further comment at this time,” it wrote.

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