Massena mulling new water district

MASSENA — The Town Council is looking for input from residents about the potential addition of a new public water district in the town.

Along with a letter explaining the town’s intentions, residents also received a public water interest survey to gauge their support for the proposal.

The introductory letter is available at

“Some places have been identified and some major stakeholders have been identified. Surveys have gone out to the individual property owners,” Deputy Town Supervisor Samuel D. Carbone Jr. said.

The letter says town officials are investigating the possible construction of an additional new public water district.

“Our engineers have evaluated the technical and financial feasibility of providing public water service in certain areas of the town and are compiling the data into a report,” the letter reads. “The evaluation by the engineers has indicated that some areas of the town have favorable conditions for affordable public water service. If you are reading this interest survey, you are in the potential service area.”

Although the town is still in the early stages of evaluating the potential for a water system, Mr. Carbone said it is important to have residents give their thoughts now.

“It’s important the people fill those (surveys) out and there’s some good feedback on whether that’s of interest or not for those who don’t have water,” Mr. Carbone said.

The letter addresses the potential cost for individuals who would live in the new water district.

“You may have many questions at this time, with the most important question being the cost to people in the new water district,” the letter reads. “Since the project costs and available funding are not yet finalized, there is not an exact answer to that question. However, the town will aggressively seek state and federal funding assistance to make the project affordable with user rates of approximately $100 per month.”

Town officials are asking those who received the survey to return them by Friday.

“The town board understands the importance of this decision and needs your feedback,” the letter says.

Anyone with questions should contact the town clerk or any of the town board members.

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