OGDENSBURG — The Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative planning committee met here Sept. 12 with more than 50 members of the public packed into the Dobisky Visitors Center eager to hear what projects the commission will recommend to the full REDI commission for funding.

Christopher Calkins, senior vice president of Ramboll, the environmental consulting firm facilitating the process, explained how the committee has been evaluating projects.

The committee has been holding meetings throughout the eight counties along the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River shorelines affected by recent high water to solicit input from interested parties about the challenges facing their region, facilitate discussions on what assets are critical to their community’s quality of life and to engage residents to understand solutions to protect critical assets.

Along the way, more than 500 projects were suggested for funding with a portion of the $300 million set aside by the state for the program.

Mr. Calkins said that $15 million will be available to each county for use in projects they deem necessary, $160 million will go to regionally significant projects and $20 million will go to homeowners affected by high water.

Homeowners will be able to apply for relief Oct. 1 and should register at HCR.NY.Gov.

“We feel pretty good about the recommendations to move forward and advance for consideration by the commission,” Mr. Calkins said.

Marinas and waterfront businesses were top priorities, Mr. Calkins said.

“That’s evidenced by the number of high quality projects that were brought forward,” he said.

Other top priorities, he said, were water and sewer infrastructure and roads and bridges.

The recommended projects will be presented to the full commission the week of Sept. 16, and a finalized list will be produced about a month after that, Mr. Calkins said.

Mr. Calkins presented a list of recommended municipal projects but did not name individual marinas and waterfront businesses recommended.

He did say that there are 93 businesses listed in Jefferson County and 43 in St. Lawrence County. Those will not be made available to the public until after the commission has acted, he said.

Individual business owners were able to see if their properties were listed if they were at the meeting.

Recommended projects:

St. Lawrence County

- St. Lawrence County — 43 marinas and waterfront businesses, $41,387,973

- Village of Waddington — Wastewater collection and treatment facilities, $11,000,000

- Town of Morristown — North Umberland Street bridge, $2,100,00

- City of Ogdensburg — Fort de la Presentation’s interpretive trail, $1,295,000

- City of Ogdensburg — Maple City Trail at confluence of Oswegatchie and St. Lawrence rivers, $2,000,000

- Town of Oswegatchie — North American Forest Group, Inc., $201,066

Jefferson County

- Jefferson County — 93 marinas and waterfront businesses, $76,522,576

- Village of Cape Vincent — Real Street seawall, $103,000

- Village of Clayton — Washington Island Bridge, $1,6000,000

- Village of Clayton — Wastewater collecting and treatment plant, $2,370,000

- Village of Sackets Harbor — Brown Shore Road, $2,000,000

- Village of Sackets Harbor — Seawall near water treatment facility, $160,000

- Village of Alexandria Bay — Water treatment facilities/water plant foundation, $260,000

- Town of Henderson — Wastewater system, $10,600,000

- Town of Lyme — County Road 125, Point Salubrious, $498,660

- Village of Cape Vincent — East End Park seawall, docks, shoreline, drainage, and sidewalks, $1,000,000

- Village of Cape Vincent — Point Street seawall, sidewalk and road, $65,000

- Village of Clayton — The Riverwalk, $3,750,000

- Town of Lyme — County Road 57, Point Peninsula (Isthmus Road), $4,358,000

- Town of Brownville — County Road 59, Pillar Point, $12,510,000

- Town of Cape Vincent — County Road 6, Tibbets Point, $1,145,000

- Village of Cape Vincent — Market Street Sewer, $705,000

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The City needs all the $ they can get. The most visible and accessible waterfront in SLC is in Ogdensburg.

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