Bar association website looks at present, past

St. Lawrence County Bar Association President Nicole M. Duve called creating the bar’s new website,, a labor of love. W.T. Eckert/Watertown DailyTimes

CANTON — It’s more than a website. It’s a monthslong labor of love.

The St. Lawrence County Bar Association President Nicole M. Duve announced Thursday the launch of the county bar’s new website,, which will serve as more than just a resource for legal needs, but pays homage to the history of the county court and the county as a whole.

“It’s not meant to be an exhaustive historical account, but it provides some information to give an overview of the courts that have been in this county, the courts that are now in existence in the state and when they came to be,” Ms. Duve said. “It talks about the courts because the court mechanism as the county came into formation. ... And so that’s part and parcel of how the county came into existence.”

Moreover, the website was essential, she said, because with the decline of the physical phone book “it’s become more important that the bar association provide a place where attorneys and regular folks can go and find an attorney.”

Ms. Duve said she has been working on the site for months and turned to Garrant Consulting LLC, Massena, to design the site but had help from people from around the county in compiling the information and history.

The site is a living website that will continue to grow and change as new district attorneys, judges, and bar members come and go, with a few gaps in terms of some judges that have served, which Ms. Duve said she is researching.

Included in that information is a list of the attorneys in the county bar association, both alphabetically and by area of practice.

There is a list of links for the public that will help them with understanding the law and the court system, if they can’t afford an attorney or just choose to represent themselves in court appearances.

But there is more to the website than just finding an attorney.

And there is a lot of history.

“My favorite part of the history tab is the one that talks about the county courthouses and where they were in the county and when they were built,” Ms. Duve said. “They have suffered a number of fires over the years and I was able to, with the help of Linda Casserly, get my hands on some historical photographs of the courthouse in its many incarnations and there are some really remarkable pictures of the fire from February 19, 1925. I find that remarkable.”

She said talking with buildings and grounds crew told her there’s still some evidence, if you know where to look in the nooks and crannies of the building, of some of those fires.

“It was a treat to research the history of the courthouse and to see how it came to be and how it has changed over the years to accommodate the needs of the people in St. Lawrence County and the Court system,” Ms. Duve said. “It was a labor of love.”

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