New logo just the start of Massena rebranding

MASSENA — A new logo for the town and village of Massena that was unveiled at the end of May is only the beginning of a branding and identity effort.

That was the word from Massena Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire during last week’s village board meeting.

“The logo is just a start,” he said.

The primary logo, developed by H3 Designs LLC, has a backdrop of a ship sailing on the St. Lawrence River as a fish jumps from the water and the sun begins to set. The logo reads “Always In Season!” Mr. LeBire said they took some of the aspects from old logos and combined them into one.

“The feedback has been very positive,” he said.

A second logo also has a focus on the three local rivers from a nature point of view.

A Brand Strategy Committee selected the two variations after taking suggestions from the local community.

Community members had been asked in March to vote on the final two designs after the town and village worked with H3 designs to come up with a new branding concept. Forty-nine concepts had been put forth, and 338 variations of those logo concepts were delivered to a committee for deliberation to narrow down the ones they felt were best for the area.

Community members were asked to visit a website that had been set up for the voting. Each page of the website featured a brief summary of the logo, alternate logo variations, font profiles and workmarks. It also showed the logo mocked up on merchandise and print products. Only one vote was allowed per IP address.

“We appreciate the feedback of not just the board, but community members,” Mr. LeBire said.

He said there were a series of “secondary logos” that could be altered to fit a specific theme. He pointed out the logo that’s now on the Fish Massena website.

“You will see a new fish logo that incorporates elements from the Massena logo. You’re going to see that type of marketing,” he said.

Part of the “more to come” is the initial launch of a new website that will focus more on attractions, recreation and tourism — what is there to do in Massena, where to find things in Massena,” Mr. LeBire said.

The website will also incorporate the governmental aspect of the town and village of Massena.

“It’s very exciting to see. H3 Designs has done a great job,” he said.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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