OBPA still seeks to fill economic post

The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority will re-advertise for an economic development director after coming up empty on its initial search. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

OGDENSBURG — The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Personnel Committee struck out in its first attempt to hire a new director of economic development.

Now, the OBPA is trying again, with a bigger salary, to hopefully attract more and better applicants.

“We really want to be competitive to attract qualified applicants,” Jennifer Quirk-Pickman, of the Personnel Committee, said.

The committee had advertisements out for two weeks, OBPA Executive Director Steven J. Lawrence said.

“We thought we would receive more applicants,” Mr. Lawrence said.

A few applicants moved on to other opportunities before interviews could take place, he said. The committee interviewed one candidate, Mr. Lawrence said, but it was not a good fit.

“We need to bump up the salary and go out and look for more applicants,” Mr. Lawrence said.

The original salary minimum was $65,000, Ms. Quirk-Pickman said. The job will be re-advertised with a minimum salary of $85,000.

A higher salary will attract applicants with more experience and those who might be coming from another area, or leaving another position, Ms. Quirk-Pickman said.

“That position requires so many different skill sets,” Board Member Megan J.M. Whitton said.

The board approved a job description at its June meeting.

“This position is responsible for building the Authority’s economic base, recruiting new business and re-imagining existing commercial space,” the description reads.

The duties of the economic developer include, among other things: working retention, expansion and attraction of commerce and light industry; developing infrastructure; developing short- and long-term economic development plans; establishing and maintaining relationships with various state and federal agencies as well as Canadian provincial and federal agencies; staying abreast of U.S. and Canadian trade laws and customs regulations; providing general marketing of all Authority entities; and representing the authority at civic, cultural, charitable, business and community activities.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree, project management experience, five years of experience in planning, economic development, experience working with governments and international and Canadian trade knowledge.

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