Arts get recognition at Ogdensburg City Council

Patricia Swan (left) and Cindy Wilson, two past presidents of the Ogdensburg Command Performances board, join OCP Administrator Sally Palao, (right) as they are presented with a proclamation from Ogdensburg Mayor Mike Skelly noting National Arts and Humanities Month. In a press release Mr. Skelly praised OCP for working tireless for decades to bring arts and culture to Ogdensburg and the north country. Nichole Kennedy

OGDENSBURG — The mayor of Ogdensburg is recognizing Ogdensburg Command Performances, local educators and others in the community as part of a national campaign to promote creative thinking, artistic expression and cultural awareness.

October is National Arts and Humanities Month, designated to acknowledge the importance of culture and artistic expression in the United States.

National Arts and Humanities month was first launched more than 30 years ago as National Arts Week in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1993, it was reestablished as a month-long celebration under its current name.

In a press release that includes a mayoral proclamation, Mr. Skelly said it is easy to sometimes overlook the importance of the arts to any north country community, including Ogdensburg.

“Local organizations like Ogdensburg Command Performances have a dedicated and deep local tradition of supporting the arts and humanities here in our great city and the North Country,” Mr. Skelly’s proclamation reads.

The Ogdensburg mayor said it is no easy task to bring live performance and other forms of artistic expression to the north country, but that the impact of creating such cultural awareness is far reaching.

“Obviously an organization like Ogdensburg Command Performances has a great and lasting impact each and every time they present a show,” Mr. Skelly said in a statement. “But there are other unsung heroes here in the community as well, including the outstanding art and music teachers in our local schools and the diverse music, arts and humanities programs at our area universities.

“All of these performances, and all of these people and programs bring cultural awareness to our communities and region that might not otherwise exist,” he said.

According to the Americans for the Arts organization, artistic expression aimed at fostering cultural awareness is vital to every community, especially during this year’s COVID-19 pandemic.

“Can you remember a time when we’ve needed the arts more?” the organization said in a statement on its website. “The arts are working overtime in every community, household, and family, doing what they do best: connecting us, giving us needed moments of joy, and most of all creating hope.”

Sally F. Palao, Administrator of Ogdensburg Command Performances says its always important to recognize the arts at the local level. She hopes Mr. Skelly’s proclamation noting National Arts and Humanities Month locally will encourage others in the community to become involved.

“Ogdensburg Command Performances is particularly noteworthy because we have been in existence for almost 58 years, and run primarily by volunteers,” Mrs. Palao said. “Their efforts in giving back to the community should be recognized.”

Ogdensburg Command Performances will kick off their season this year with “A Rocky Mountain Christmas: The songs and stories of John Denver, on Dec. 16.

“As far as the (20)20-21 season we are ready to go, our season is booked our shows are ready,” she said. “We’ve had a very strong season ticket campaign and our volunteers have been canvasing the community for playbill ads.”

She added, “We’re only waiting on word from Gov. Cuomo to issue social distancing guidelines for indoor entertainment.

For Ogdensburg Command Performances show and ticket information visit

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