Building permits up in 2019

This house on Knox Street was one of 11 demolished by the Ogdensburg Land Bank in 2019. File Photo

OGDENSBURG — Construction in Ogdensburg during 2019 was $2.7 million ahead of the pace set in 2018. The more than $8 million worth of construction spread out over 353 permits resulted in $35,545 in fees which was more than $10,000 over the budgeted $25,000.

In 2018, there were 337 permits with $5.4 million worth of construction and $31,341 in fees.

Code Enforcement Officer Gregg Mallette said in his annual report that commercial construction figured heavily in the year-over-year increase.

Mr. Mallette cited the creation of the new Cerebral Palsy Clinic, the former Oddfellows renovated conversion, the former Newell’s building renovations and the Claxton Hepburn Hospital Pharmacy project as contributing to the total.

There were two new homes built in the city in 2019. In 2018, one new home was constructed.

Mr. Mallette said that hiring a new Housing Inspector contributed to his office’s ability to respond to violation complaints.

There were 717 violation orders issued, which was 308 more than 2018.

The Code Enforcement Office Clerk retired in July and was not replaced.

The clerk, Cindy Ghize, was responsible for initial inspection scheduling for rentals, businesses and places of assembly and billing for municipal cleanups and inspections.

The office finished the year with $6,000 less than anticipated in revenue from inspections, Mr. Mallette reported.

The Code Office issued 23 demolition permits in 2019, with 11 of those coming from property acquired by the Ogdensburg Land Bank.

With the additional Housing Inspector, the office was better equipped to address excessive garbage accumulations, Mr. Mallette reported. Because of the attention paid to the issue, the need to have the city clean up excessive garbage was reduced which resulted in only $2,228 used of a budget of $12,000. The leftover money was redirected help pay for the demolition of one of two houses that were made inhabitable due to accidents — one a fire, the other hit by a vehicle.

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