City seeks RFPs for Main Street property

Pictured is the vacant lot at 17 Main St. that the City of Ogdensburg is seeking Request for Proposals (RFPs) in a bid to sell the property. Matt Curatolo/The Journal

OGDENSBURG — Anyone interesting in submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to purchase the city-owned property at 17 Main St. has until Oct. 29 to do so.

In a press release issued Thursday, the City of Ogdensburg is inviting all interested parties to submit an RFP for the vacant property that is nearly an acre in size. The property used to house the vacant Garns supply building before being torn down by the city in 2017.

“Having completed the demolition of the former ‘Garns’ buildings in 2017 using Restore NY funds in partnership with Empire State Development, today the 17 Main Street site has the potential to be part of the city’s next chapter, capturing revitalization underway now our picturesque river community,” said Andrea Smith, director of Planning and Development.

The City of Ogdensburg in its press release, touts the property’s location that is near both the St. Lawrence and Oswegatchie rivers and “steps from the Maple City Trail” that “has the potential to be transformed into a Marina District destination.”

Smith said that the property is at the core of the city’s Brownfield Opportunity Area and is “prime for development, a blank slate with an array of development opportunities given the Residential Business (R/B) zoning.”

In September, the Ogdensburg City Council debated whether to sell the property at public auction or use the RFP process to solicit bids in an effort to spur development of the property.

A resolution to sell the property at public auction ultimately failed. City councilors favored the RFP process because it decreased the chances of someone buying the property and ultimately sitting on it.

There are two parties who are interested in the property.

One of them, Ogdensburg resident and businessman William Hosmer, wrote a letter to council advocating for the RFP process. He, along with fellow investors, are interested in the property to build a brewery that, if they would be able to purchase, could begin construction next spring.

The other party is the Frary family, who owns the Tiki Bar and the former hotel property across the street. This was confirmed at the September council meeting by Mayor Jeffrey M. Skelly.

Getting the Main Street property, as well as others the city owns, back on the tax rolls and developed is a major goal for the city, according to Smith.

“Ogdensburg is committed to transforming blighted and abandoned properties back into community assets, and 17 Main Street is an excellent example,” she said.

Interested parties may either contact Smith at or visit to obtain a complete copy of the RFP. Submission need to be sent by email in a single merged file (PDF format) no later than 3 p.m. on Oct. 29 to Smith’s email at

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This site, the former Diamond/Shade Roller sites, the former Newell property and the Ogdensburg Land Bank accomplishments have all been highlighted in the news recently; All these developments have taken several years to decades of remediation to get to a point of being developed. Thank You to all the past City Councils, Administrations and Employees for your hard work, planning and decisions. Hopefully the public realizes these developments didn't happen overnight and that new Councilors shouldn't get all the credit, they've only been handed the baton to cross the finish line of the marathon.


Amazing how much more is actually happening and being done with the new council majority despite the mobs inability to look at all the positives that have occurred since the new council members have taken over....and there is a TON of positive.

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