Polls will remain open until 9 p.m. Tuesday at all sites in Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence and Oswego counties.

Voters in the city of Watertown and village of Clayton will cast ballots for a mayor. Lewis County residents will vote on a new treasurer. Town boards in Massena and Potsdam have competitive races at stake as well.

A mayoral candidate in Watertown, Allison I. Crossman, is reportedly going to ask a judge to impound city ballots after the polls close over concerns of bias within the Jefferson County Board of Elections. Jude Seymour, the county’s Republican Board of Elections commissioner, responded to the potential securing of ballots.

“I don’t really make anything of it,” Mr. Seymour said. “Candidates have the right to request impoundment from the judge. We’ll see what happens.”

Early voting in Jefferson County saw 725 ballots cast in the week ahead of Election Day. Mr. Seymour, who didn’t favor early voting as he thought the cost of staging it wouldn’t encourage enough voters to justify it, said there isn’t a benchmark to determine whether it was successful. He noted there were residents who turned out for early voting this year but did not on Election Day in 2017.

“We saw a fair amount of those people,” he said. “Overall, it depends on what your definition of success is. In terms of the money that was spent, I don’t know.” Jenny Bacon, the Democratic commissioner of elections in St. Lawrence County, said 636 residents turned out for early voting in her county.

As for Election Day, Mr. Seymour said operations are running rather smoothly with the county’s new electronic polling system. Volunteers at each site are logging votes on iPads, which are then sent directly to the board of elections office in Watertown. As of 11 a.m., for instance, 3,868 ballots were cast, not including early voting.

“It’s super cool,” Mr. Seymour said, saying the data allows his office to track which sites might be getting low on ballots. “The way we used to track to see if we were getting low on ballots was literally calling 43 poll sites and saying ‘how are you doing on ballots?’ Now it’s sending that information to us.”

There are a number of propositions featured on ballots across the north country. In Jefferson County, people in the town of Alexandria will have two ballot issues pertaining to the potential development of a recreation center. In Lewis County, residents in the town of Osceola will decide on the annual contribution to the Osceola Public Library. St. Lawrence County voters will cast ballots on issues concerning the highway superintendent in the town of Canton and Massena Memorial Hospital in the town of Massena. And in Oswego County, residents have four candidates to chose from for mayor of Fulton.

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