Voters shake up Potsdam government

Potsdam Town Hall. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

POTSDAM — The town of Potsdam voted to adopt its 2022 budget Thursday morning.

It will take a tax levy of $844,834 to balance the $1,453,340 budget.

Taxpayers will see a decrease from $4.35 per thousand of valuation to $4.27 per thousand.

“To me, what’s notable is that some elected officials got raises, which I strongly approve of, and I support these people who are hardworking,” Town Supervisor Ann M. Carvill said.

The four town councilors received a total raise of $2,980, bringing their salary line up to $19,460 in 2022, compared to $16,480 in 2021.

The supervisor also received a raise of $250, up to $40,250 from $40,000 last year.

The town clerk received a raise of $2,000, bringing the salary up to $54,790 compared to $52,790 last year.

The highway superintendent received a raise of $3,500, changing the salary from $77,000 in 2021, to $80,500 in 2022.

This is also the first year that the town budget is paying for the upkeep of Postwood Park in Hannawa Falls. The total upkeep cost is $138,480 for 2022.

“Recreation stands out because now we’re handling all of it. This is the first year we’re putting that fully on our budget,” Ms. Carvill said.

As of now, Ms. Carvill said, the town has not settled a union contract with the employees of the town hall and the court, so the board can’t move ahead with any raises for them until it’s negotiated.

“We can’t move ahead with any raises or anything like that until the union says ‘yes,’ and we say ‘yes,’ so everything is at a stalemate,” she said. “In the absence of a contract, what is currently agreed upon in the contract moves forward.”

Last year’s salaries, among other things, are adopted for 2022 until a new contact is agreed upon.

Ms. Carvill said the contract could be settled in a week, or it could take three months.

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