POTSDAM — Following Wednesday night’s unanimous adoption of the 2020 budget by the Town Board, more information breaking down that budget has been made available.

The most highlighted part of the $4.1 million budget has been that it’s below the state-mandated 2 percent tax cap.

That’s because of the four special districts that fall under the town, these being Hewittville Light with 61 parcels, Sissonville Light with 29 parcels, Unionville Sewer with 39 parcels and Unionville Water with 40 parcels.

“We have to include these because it’s our total budget, you see, which is kind of hard for us to get under the 2 percent, so we did well this year to get under it, because these special districts make it difficult,” Town Supervisor’s Clerk Sally Boslet said.

Town Board members have looked to Ms. Boslet for advice due to her involvement in the budget writing process.

The 2020 budget has only an approximate $10,000 difference from last year, going from $4,115,640.01 to $4,105,618.78.

There is a $60,000 difference between 2019 and 2020 on the portion of the budget that addresses the village appropriations line, going from $1,261,384.27 to $1,231,069.28.

But the 2020 budget also includes the town outside, at $396,178, as well as the highway townwide, at $956,232, and outside the village, at $1,161,753.

Adding in the special districts Ms. Boslet cited and the Fire Protection District, which total $360,386.50, the town reached its $4.1 million 2020 budget.

The revenues for the town have decreased slightly since 2019, going from $1,855,612.22 to $1,842,043.

The town also used $10,000 more in unexpended fund balance. In 2019, the town used $63,000 in unexpended funds; 2020 unexpended funds are listed as $73,000.

The tax levy, or amount to be raised by taxes, will see a decrease of about $7,000 compared to 2019, going from $2,197,027.79 to $2,190,575.78.

The tax rate will decrease from $443 per $100,000 in 2019 to $439.80 per $100,000 in 2020.

The tax base has increased from $1,184,766,604 in 2019 to $1,193,005,292 in 2020. Town Supervisor Ann M. Carvill will see an increase in her salary from the $16,450 in 2019 to $23,000.

The town has no new contracts and, with the retirement of a longtime employee, Mrs. Carvill said there was “some breakage” in the budget, meaning there would be some savings with the new employee being paid a lesser annual income.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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