Potsdam town, village to study rec program

Potsdam Town Board member Judy R. Rich, left and Town Supervisor Ann M. Carvill, right. Vaughn Golden/Watertown Daily Times

POTSDAM — Both legislative boards for the town and village are set to discuss the future of their combined recreation program at a joint meeting Wednesday.

Both municipalities contribute funds toward the recreation program, but with the town working on its budget amid a difficult fiscal year, there’s a possibility of changes to how much it can contribute.

“They will put their cards on the table at the meeting,” Town Supervisor Ann M. Carvill said.

She further said she doesn’t think there would be much to reconcile between the two sides. She did indicate the board may ultimately decide on a number that’s slightly less than years past.

“They’re going to present a case — what their expectations are as far as their contributions to the rec program,” Village Mayor Reinhold J. Tischler said about Wednesday’s meeting. “We don’t have any definite numbers at this point, so we’ll see what they say.”

Currently, a tentative budget for the town presented last month accounts for likely cuts in state aid which will be made up, to some degree, by appropriating part of the unassigned general fund balance. Town Councilwoman Judy R. Rich also proposed amending the tentative budget at a meeting last month to raise the town supervisor’s salary to $40,000 — a $17,000 raise from the 2020 salary and $11,500 raise from what was initially proposed in next year’s budget. The village’s fiscal year begins in June.

The joint recreation program facilitates summer and winter activities like kayak rentals and skating at Sandstoner and Postwood parks, as well as the summer recreation program for children.

Aside from the joint meeting and discussion on the recreation program budget, the town expects to consider several additional items at its meeting.

The board will vote to formally set Jan. 11 as the date for a referendum to approve the proposed water and sewer districts in the northern Route 56 corridor. Property owners in the proposed district will be able to vote on whether to approve or deny the $10.3 million project.

The board will also hold a hearing and subsequently vote on a proposed law on energy storage facilities.

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