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Potsdam Village Clerk Lori S. Queor has been recognized statewide as the 2019 Clerk of the Year. W.T. Eckert/Watertown Daily Times

POTSDAM — Village Clerk Lori S. Queor has followed the motto of doing the best job she can for taxpayers since she started working for the village 27½ years ago, in the code enforcement office.

In September, that motto — and the work behind it — was recognized, as she was named the New York State Association of City and Village Clerks 2019 Clerk of the Year.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Queor sat behind her desk in the Civic Center at 2 Park St., going over paperwork and talking with Mayor Reinhold J. Tischler, modestly shying away from the recognition.

“She’s a valuable asset to the village,” Mayor Tischler said, looking to Mrs. Queor.

The mayor said her nomination came back in July from Village Administrator Gregory O. Thompson, something Mrs. Queor knew nothing about.

“Greg thinks the world of Lori, we all do, he told me he had done it,” Mayor Tischler said. “So he nominated her for that title and we were just kind of waiting and hoping it would come to fruition, which it did. The recognition is nice.”

She agreed that it was nice, but said she does the work because it is very behind the scenes and detail oriented.

“I’d just as soon stay in the background and, no matter what, I’m just going to do the best job I can do for the taxpayers,” she said. “That’s been my motto from 1992, when I started working for the code office. That’s what I’m here for.”

After her years in code enforcement, Mrs. Queor became village clerk in 2002 and took on the additional title of treasurer in 2010.

“It’s a lot of work. I have a lot on my plate but I seem to get it done,” she said. “It’s a great job. I’m happy, happy, happy as a lark to have this job. I’ve always enjoyed it.

“The detail, I’m very detail oriented,” she added as she continued plugging away at her work. “You have to have good organization and detail skills, so I kind of have OCD and live for that, making sure everything is just as best as I can possibly get it.”

In addition to her performance and dedication, the association recognized Mrs. Queor for her more than 25 years experience in local government, her membership with the association since 2002, her being a sitting board member of New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets, and her continued education through the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal, the New York Conference of Mayors and other state and local resources.

But Mrs. Queor is also a person who cares about her colleagues and, as a result, was not present when the recognition was announced back in September, at a state Association of City and Village Clerks luncheon. Instead she found out via email from a fellow clerk.

“I left the conference to come back because our cleaning gentleman, his wife passed away and I wanted to make the calling hours, so we left the conference before we went to the lunch to get back in time,” she said. “I would rather do that than go to a luncheon and get a clerk’s award.”

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