The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County Clerk’s Office Aug. 6, 2020:

Town of Norfolk: 80.96 acres, northerly of Lacomb Road in mile square lots 73 and 74, Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena, sold to Dylan Casselman, Norfolk $47,000

Town of Hopkinton: 5 acres, beginning on road leading from Parishville to Sylvan Falls at point marked by a post running thence westerly at right angles to road to the middle of St. Regis River, Dennis G. Avery and Marjorie J. Avery, Charlestown, West Va., sold to Michael J. Black and Kelly J. Black, Long Lake $120,000

Town of Brasher: 5.075 acres, in lot 258, Brodie Tract, township 18, Great Tract 2 of Macomb’s Purchase, Michael Mujsce and Stacey Mujsce, Hampton Bays, sold to Larry A. Ross, Altona $7,500

Town of Colton: 0.22 acres, in section 14, township 10, beginning on easterly shor of a bay on Higley Flow, from southwest corner of parcel formerly conveyed to Arthur Flanders, Teresa Reed and William Reed, Colton, sold to Donald E. and Jennifer J. Andrews, Roanoke, Va. $198,000

Town of Potsdam: 68.84 acres, beginning in northerly line of lot formerly deeded to Peter White at southeasterly corner of lot formerly deeded to M. Hughes, Stephen W. Herbst and Donna M. Wlliott, Madrid, sold to Harold Pickering III and Amanda Pickering, Madrid $96,500

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, beginning on Star Road at intersection of west bounds of lands formerly owned by Walter Fredenburg, Jason Thompson, Massena, sold to Larry James Goodspeed III and Maria E. Peacock, Norfolk $7,500

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 9, Block K on amended map 4 of Westwood, Charles Janikowski and Mary Elizabeth Janikowski, trustees of teh Charles Janikowski and Mary Elizabeth Janikowski Family Trust, Norwalk, Calif., sold to Betty Starks, Massena $140,000

Town of Fine: 6 acres, beginning on Sucker Lake Road at most northerly corner of parcel on map entitled “Preliminary Site Plan of a Portion of the Lands of Elmer V. Dowling, Town of Fine, County of St. Lawrence, State of New York,” William Magill, Kim Magill and Tina Fafard, trustees of 546 Sucker Lake Road Realty Trust, Scituate, Mass., sold to Jenelle N. Licalsi and Ryan J. Cordeiro, Penfield $160,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 7, 2020:

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, part of mile square 82, beginning on “Mill Road,” at southerly line of Antwine Farm, Emma M. Bush, individually and as surviving spouse of Robert E. Bush, Massena, sold to Trevor Hall, Norfolk $16,500

Town of Clifton: Parcel, beginning at shore of Cranberry Lake at northeasterly corner of lot 9 and northwesterly corner of lot 8 of Idlewild Realty Corporation Subdivision, Timothy Nargi and Cristine Nargi, Cranberry Lake, sold to Gloria Albertalli-Wenson and Michael F. Wenson, Glen Gardner, N.J. $295,000

Town of Clare: Parcel, beginning on north bank of Grasse River at southeast corner of lands of the “power” company so-called, Mark A. Ford and Susan A. Ford, Potsdam, sold to Corey J. Deshaies and Jennifer L. Deshaies, Massena $40,000

Town of Colton: 25 acres, beginning at southwest corner of Hurley lot, a point in the town line between Pierrepont and Colton, Garry R. Morrow and Christine M. Morrow, Mechanicville, sold to Leslie G. Baker, Colton $15,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, beginning on highway leading from Helena to Landing Bridge at northeast corner of premises conveyed to Clement H. White and Ida Mae L. White, Ronald Morrill Jr. and Sarah Morrill, Winthrop, sold to Elizabeth M. Nolan and Marsha A. Chapman, Winthrop $100,000

Town of Gouverneur: Parcel, beginning in north margin of Preston Street at southwest corner of lot conveyed to Frank A. Barber, Beverly Mills, Gouverneur, sold to Lawrence Rider, Gouverneur $33,000

Town of Edwards: 32.59 acres, beginning at southwesterly corner of Turnpike Lot 11, Douglas F. Fuller, Edwards, sold to Kathleen Mullaney Huber, Reston, Va. $155,000

Town of Norfolk: 0.52 acres, beginning in west boundary of Route 56 at intersection of Woodlawn Drive, Donald A. Baker and Deborah A. Baker, Massena, sold to John K. O’Grady and Pamela S. O’Grady, Massena $100,000

Town of DeKalb: Parcel, 104 Main Street, Ellen Mills, Ogdensburg, sold to Steven E. Pitts, Gouverneur $5,500

Town of Gouverneur: Parcel, southerly quarter part of one acre purchased by John E. McFerran of Milton Barney in 1982, Tracy L. Goodale and Cory S. Goodale, Gouverneur; and Northern View Properties LLC, Gouverneur, sold to Rosemary L. Briscoe, Gouverneur $49,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, part of lot 16 of Samuel Anderson Survey, beginning on Maple Ridge Road at intersection of Harold Hewlett Farm, Carolyn McGrath, Massena, sold to Ricky J. Francis and Judith A. Francis, Bloomfield $14,000

Town of Waddington: 0.652 acres, part of river lot 16, beginning at intersection of Massena-Waddington Highway and east bounds of McGinnis Farm, Jason L. Hicks, Waddington, sold to Brianna L. Baillargeon, Canton $160,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 10, 2020:

Town of Massena: 0.15 acres, lot 31 on “Map of Trotting Association Plot,” beginning on south bounds of Chase Street at northeast corner of land of Benn, Ryan T. Reynolds and Crystal Reynolds, Arvada, Colo., sold to Spencer Colter and Breanna M. Love, Massena $72,000

Town of Waddington: 0.71 acres, beginning at County ROute 28 from intersection of northeasterly line of Marvin and Shirley Middlemiss lot, Larry Osoway, Madrid, sold to Dustin Stebbins, Madrid $19,000

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, lot 11 in Block D of Riverside Heights Subdivision, David Laplante and Mary Alice Laplante, Massena, sold to Andrew D. Solley and Sarah A. Solley, Canton $125,000

Town of Pierrepont: 1 acre, beginning on road leading from Colton to School District from intersection of Irish Settlement Road, Alicia Walter, Hopkinton, executrix of last will and testament of Elizabeth Hawley, sold to John Sweeney and Carol Sweeney, South Colton $127,000

Town of Pierrepont: 3.63 acres, part of section 9, beginning in westerly bounds of Farnes Road at intersection of northerly bounds of County Route 29, Jeffrey N. St. Andrews and Christine L. St. Andsrews, Canton; and Neil J. St. Andrews Jr. and Robin M. St. Andrews, Canton, sold to Tyler J. Clark and Kristin N. Leggo, Ogdensburg $151,000

Town of Hermon: 6.9 acres, lot 8 on “Christmas & Associates Inc., Owl Pond Subdivision, situate in lot 47 of Atwater Tract in Russell, situate in lot 19 and 22 in Hermon, in East third of Township 4 of Macomb’s Great Tract 3, Town of Hermon and Russell, St. Lawrence County, New York,” Robert L. Roff and Diane S. Roff, Hellertown, Pa., sold to Sean Fitzgerald and April Fitzgerald, Baldwinsville $50,000

Town of Madrid: 10 acres, in mile square 59, beginning on Cogswell Corners Road at northeasterly corner of land of Murray and Burwell, Richard J. Peacock and Susan Peacock, Madrid, sold to Kevin A. Angstadt, Tpsilanti, Mich. $285,000

Town of Morristown: 50 acres, beginning on “Mill” Road in town line between Morristown and Oswegatchie, Lawrence Green, Waco, Texas, sold to Robert J. Otis Jr., Ogdensburg $19,500

Town of Pierrepont: 14.6 acres, in sections 36 and 27, beginning on Post Road from intersection with County Route 68, Robert R. Demarais and Ann M. Demarais, Colton, sold to Jason E. Crosby and Erin M. Crosby, La Habra Heights, Calif. $213,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 11, 2020:

Town of Norfolk: 0.58 acres, northwest of Route 310, in mile square 58, beginning in southerly boundary of lands now or formerly of Clyde Baxter and Bonnie Baxter, Peter E. Barkley and Melanie I. Barkley, Norfolk, sold to Michael P. Swienton and Malissa N. Swienton, Norfolk $2,500

Village of Hermon: Parcel, beginning on West Main Street Road, from west bounds of parcel of Vivian Hill, Cassandra L. Leonesio, Pulaski, sold to Robert A. LaClair, Hermon $80,000

Town of DeKalb: 313.78 acres, in lots 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12 of Nathaniel B. Smith Tract, Frank Sica, Cato, sold to Kenneth R. Fleuriet and Kari L. Fleuriet, Shady Side, Md. $159,000

Town of Stockholm: 4.02 acres, north of Route 11 and south of west branch of St. Regis River in Great Lot 47, Robert A. Bronson and Ann Bronson, Potsdam, sold to Shawn M. Pulver, Massena $129,000

Town of Gouverneur: 1.76 acres, beginning at road leading from Gouverneur to Hermon at northeasterly bounds of premises conveyed to Charles L. Storrin and Margaret M. Storrin, Vance W. Shampine and Anne M. Shampine, Gouverneur, sold to Kyle W. Backus and Bridget A. Backus, DeKalb Junction $125,000

Town of Gouverneur: 23.64 acres, northwest of Peabody Road, beginning on northeast boundary of lands now or formerly of Oswegatchie Properties 2 LLC, Dale Lehmer and Sophie Lehmer, Sebastian, Fla., sold to Martin J. Wolken, Gouverneur $14,500

Town of Parishville: Parcel, in great lot 12, beginning on Catherinesville Road from intersection of division line between Towns of Hopkinton and Parishville, Donald Snyder Logging Company LLC, Potsdam, sold to Curtis W. Snyder, Potsdam $30,000

Village of Rensselaer Falls: 0.68 acres, 213 State Street, Patricia M. Palmer, Fayetteville, sold to Ashlee R. Downing-Duke, Canton $80,500

Town of Pierrepont: Parcel, in section 22, beginning at intersection of Butternut Ridge Road and Route 56, Jacob R. Poste, Potsdam, sold to Randy Snyder, Potsdam $100,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 12, 2020:

Town of Fine: Parcel, lot 6 of “Star Lake Estates,” Donald Hobart Wright, Republic, Pa., sold to Susan J. Hanley, Saranac Lake $8,000

Town of Canton: 0.5 acres, beginning on Buck Street from center of Lincoln Street, Kathy L. Matzell, Colton; and Karen M. Layhee, Canton, sold to David D. Pearson, Canton $80,000

Town of Canton: 5.84 acres, in mile square 1 of fifth range, beginning at intersection of Judson Road with Town line between Towns of Potsdam and Canton, Robert W. Thacker and Deborah J. Thacker, Fort Collins, Colo., sold to Joseph K. Allen and Carmen M. Allen, Madrid $206,000

Town of Parishville: Parcel, 40 Hanson Road, Thelma J. Sullivan and Penny Vazquez, East Quogue, sold to Kevin M. Sullivan, Potsdam; Danny J. Fullerton, Colton; and Megan M. Fullerton, Colton $2,500

Town of Madrid: 0.47 acres, beginning on east side of School Street at northwest corner of J.S. B. Hough’s lot, Joseph K. Allen and Carmen M. Allen, Madrid, sold to Allison Barkley, Madrid $60,000

Town of Parishville: 2 acres, easterly of Hanson Road, part of mile square 35, Schuyler Van Kurin, Riverhead, sold to Kevin M. Sullivan, Potsdam; Danny J. Fullerton, Colton; and Megan M. Fullerton, Colton $5,000

Town of Hopkinton: 130 acres, beginning at southwest corner of section 4 of Palmer Tract, to southwest corner of land deeded to James A. Martindale in 1872, Roger Wood, Ogdensburg, sold to Robert Francis Charlesworth and Elizabeth Ann Charlesworth, Liverpool $44,000

Town of Clifton: 0.399 acres, northeast of Columbia Road on Cranberry Lake, Kathryn B. Raymo, Cocoa Beach, Fla., sold to Mark Beasock and Sandra Beasock, Boonville $335,000

Town of Waddington: Parcel, 229 McGinnis Road, Patricia M. O’Geen, Waddington, executor of estate of Michael A. O’Geen, sold to Jay D. Fuller, Ogdensburg $100,000

Town of Fine: 40.269 acres, part of lot 31, beginning at intersection of westerly margin of Kerr Avenue and northerly margin of Lake Road, Star Lake Harbor LLC, Severna Park, Md., sold to Congregation Yeshivas Lubavitch Inc., Star Lake $542,000

Town of Louisville: Parcel, beginning on northerly bounds of Route 37 along westerly bounds of Cline Drive, Traci M. Greco, Massena, sold to Jason C. Taraska and Amanda L. Taraska, Massena $185,000

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