The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 11, 2020:

Town of Madrid: 1.705 acres, beginning in westerly bounds of Route 44 at intersection of Tiernan Ridge Road, Gaylord A. Bond, Madrid, sold to Brian J. Bond J. and Hope E. Bond, Norfolk $1,000

Town of Madrid: 10.1 acres, beginning on Ogden Road at northeasterly corner of land leased to Dennis Kelly, Gaylor A. Bond, Madrid, sold to Brian J. Bond Jr. and Hope E. Bond, Norfolk $2,000

Town of Hopkinton: Parcel 1: 30.5 acres, beginning at highway at southwest corner of Julius White Sen. land; Parcel 2: 8 acres, beginning at northeast corner of land deeded to James Blanchard; Parcel 3: 47.41 acres, part of lot 2 in Palmer Tract; Parcel 4: 50.93 acres, part of Murray Tract; and Parcel 5: 50.56 acres, part of lot 1 of Palmer Tract, Anthony Platoni and Dolores Rice, Dickinson Center, sold to Jerry Miller, Ogdensburg $44,000

Town of Potsdam: 0.84 acres, in mile dquare 27, beginning at intersection of Hewittville-Potsdam Road with southerly bounds of a proposed street, David M. Centofanti and Carole G. Miller, Potsdam, sold to Brenton L. Kirby and Ashley L. Kirby, West Stockholm $237,000

Village of Norwood: Parcel 1: 55 Spring Street; and Parcel 2: 58 Spring Street, Community Bank N.A., Watertown, sold to John W. Fregoe and Susan B. Fregoe, Norwood $178,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, 18 Owl Avenue, Timothy P. Laclair, Massena, sold to Rishi Kumar, Syracuse $220,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, beginning in northerly bounds of West Hatfield Street from easterly bounds of William Nightengale Farm, Michelle L. Gauthier, Massena; and William C. Cross and Lynn M. Cross, Bombay, sold to Sierra R. Gladding and Michael E. Brown, Massena $50,000

Town of Morristown: 0.782 acres, beginning on River Road East at southwesterly corner of a parcel conveyed to Ellen M. Copeman, Ellen M. Copeman, Ogdensburg, sold to Northbound Partners LP, Rochester $54,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 118, Wellington Drive, “Final Plat, Map 8, West Massena Tract,” Jennifer W. Rurak, Massena, sold to Stephen LaBarge and Jennifer LaBarge, Massena $199,000

Town of Norfolk: 1.98 acres, beginning on Route 56 at northerly corner of lands of the People of the State of New York, William James Woodward and Diane C. Woodward, Norfolk, sold to Nicholas Barney and Ayanna Mason, Norfolk $131,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, 19 Martin Street, Jennifer M. Pollock, Massena, sold to Catherine A. Brodie-Rookey, Rochester $83,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, beginning on County Road 26 north from juntion of Lost Village Road, Brenda S. Smithers, Ogdensburg, individually and as executrix of last will and testament of Donald M. Smithers Sr., sold to Stephen W. Smithers and Patricia A. Smithers, Ogdensburg $15,000

Town of Colton: 163.15 acres, beginning on northerly shore of Racquette River to west line of lands deeded to Peter Bellinger, William D. Goebel, Westborough, Mass., sold to Karyn L. Daugherty and Daniel E. Daugherty, Eagle Mountain, Utah $80,000

Town of Pierrepont: 0.42 acres, beginning in easterly bounds of Hannawa Falls-Colton Road (Route 56) from northwest corner of a parcel formerly conveyed to Gerald and Beverly Ballou, Dustin Smith and Andrea Smith, Potsdam, sold to Kaycee M. Maguire, Potsdam $123,000

Town of Massena: 9,875 square feet, lot 19, block 15 on Map E-8938-I, Stephen D. Labarge and Jennifer R. Labarge, Massena, sold to Justin W. Therrien and Amanda E. Therrien, Canton $126,500

City of Ogdensburg: 1.33 acres, easterly of Rosseel Street, block 262, beginning in southerly corner of lot 7, Gertrude Barry, Versailles, Ky., individually and as administratrix of estate of Richard H. Barry; and Donald E. Barry, individually, Adams center, sold to Bryan J. Moore and April L. Moore, Ogdensburg $83,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 14, 2020:

Town of DePeyster: 0.87 acres, beginning at intersection of County Route 106 and Plimpton Road, Wayne Latham, Ogdensburg, sold to Carol Snell, DeKalb Junction $7,500

Town of Lawrence: 45.37 acres, in sections 2 and 9, beginning at northeast corner of lot conveyed to Samuel Harriman, Peter Thomas Arntsen, Virginia Beach, Va., sold to Patrick O’Neil, Massena $14,000

Town of Potsdam: 0.391 acres, part of mile square 9, south of Riverside Drive, Cornerstorne Properties of NNY LLC, Norwood, sold to Margaret T. Ecker, Potsdam $35,000

Village of Massena: 0.07 acres, beginning in southerly bounds of Center Street at intersection of westerly line of land acquired by the People of the State of New York for Massena Village - Center Street - Parker Street Bridge and Interchange, Martin Spinelli and Meridith Spinelli, Massena, sold to Alba Automotive Supply Inc., Ontario, Canada; and James Kessier, Ontario, Canada $28,000

Village of Massena: 0.26 acres, lot 36 on “Map of C.F. Ober’s Lots,” beginning on seatheast bounds of Pleasant Street, Janice E. Crawford, Sebring, Fla.; and Tabitha E. Pitts, Selkirk, sold to Wilfred G. Middlemiss Jr., Massena $78,000

Town of Louisville: 178 River Drive and Off River Drive, Harold A. Perry and Jeanne S. Perry, trustees for “The Harold A. Perry and Jeanne S. Perry Revocable Living Trust,” Massena, sold to Samuel A. LaBarge and Janet L. LaBarge, Massena $207,000

Town of Edwards: 2.35 acres, lot 5 on “Whispering Pine Shores on Oswegatchie River Subdivision,” Land First Inc., Lacona, sold to Edward Cehowski and Lisa Cehowski, Latham $50,000

Town of Hopkinton: 2.89 acres, north of east branch of St. Regis River, beginning on Circle Road with intersection of County Route 49, Harry Lloyd Beatty Jr. and Susan R. Beatty, Potsdam, sold to Henry James Boardway and Bella Robin Boardway, Warrensburg $32,000

Town of Louisville: Parcel, lot 4 on Margaret Robertson Sheets 1st Subdivision, Arnold A. Vallance Jr., Massena Falls; and Linda K. Tuttle Vallance, Winter Park, Fla., sold to Chad A. Hicks, Denver, Colo. $90,000

Town of Lisbon: 9.3 acres, beginning on Pray Road at southwesterly corner of Hobbs parcel, Clayton J. Besaw and rebecca J. Branchau-Besaw, Elkview, W.Va., sold to Aleashia M. Parmeter, Ogdensburg $8,000

Town of Louisville: Parcel, part of mile square lot 25, beginning at northwest corner of Fenton lots, Cecot Family Limited Partnership, Massena, sold to Patrick J. Curran and Lori K. Curran, Massena $20,000

Town of Fowler: Parcel, part of lot 58, beginning on westerly margin of road from Little York to Gouverneur on line between the premises conveyed to Floyd R. Davis and Eva R. Davis, Karen B. Bishop, Evans Mills; and Brooke E. Bishop, Norwood, sold to Thomas Sweeney, Gouverneur $48,500

Town of Lisbon: Parcel, beginning on North Road with intersection of County Route 53, US Bank Trust NA, as trustee for LSF10 Master Participation Trust, c/o Hudson Homes Management LLC, Irving, Texas, sold to Amanda R. Burns, Ogdensburg $45,000

Town of Lisbon: 1.06 acres, beginning on shore of St. Lawrence River from northeast corner of lands now or formerly of David J. Sandburg, Chelsey Elizabeth Duprey, Lisbon, sold to Ryan A. Fifield, Ogdensburg $133,500

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 15, 2020:

Town of DeKalb: First 48 acres of northeasterly end of lot 398 deeded to James Burnett on Feb. 19, 1859, Michael W. Weller, Rensselaer Falls, sold to Robald L. Bush, Lisbon; and Mason Barnum, Lisbon $50,000

Town of Waddington: Parcel, in lot 15 and between lot 15 and easterly line of Town of Lisbon, Kay Lindenthaler and late Dean Lindenthaler, Norwich, sold to Christopher S. Miles and Beverly J. Miles, Norwich $2,000

Town of Fine: Parcel, lot 59 of Sunny View Addition, Brian Gooder, Star Lake, sold to Levi Durham III, Star Lake $7,000

Town of Hammond: 1.6 acres, beginning on Calaboga Road at intersection with westerly line of Milsap property, Robert A. Frisina and Lori L. Frisina, Watertown, sold to Jordan MacDonald and Jacklyn MacDonald, Hammond $83,000

Town of Canton: 0.971 acres, beginning on highway leading from Morley Vilalge to Wells Hills from northerly corner of Dennis Flanaghan’s old corner lot, Howard E. Sanderson and Rita H. Sanderson, Lisbon; and Sheila R. Sholette, Dexter, sold to Ronald Bush and Helen Bush, Lisbon $100,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 11 in Block C on Final Plat Map 1, Springdale Subdivision of Urban Estates in Section of Village of Massena, Tracey Adams, Massena, sold to Tommie Jo Villnave, Roanoke, Ind., sold to Robert F. Schattner and Corrine S. Schattner, Danville $55,000

Town of Morristown: Parcel, from northeasterly boundary of lands owned by Finch on westerly side of Black Lake Road, Paul Callerame, Bloomfield; and James Callerame, Bloomfield, sold to brandon Callerame, Livonia $33,000

Town of Clifton: Parcel, portion of lot 7, cottage lots in Harewood, John G. Hendricks and Linda M. Hendricks, VanEtten, sold to Mark A. Hunter, Cranberry Lake $28,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 16, 2020:

Town of Stockholm: 15.36 acres, part of mile square 23, beginning at northerly bounds of Catamount Ridge Road at southeasterly corner of lands of Stephen Munson, Sandra L. Danforth, Three Rivers, Mass., sold to James L. Pircsuk and James C. Pircsuk, Norfolk $24,000

Village of Potsdam: Parcel, part of mile square lot 48, Clarkson Farm, beginning on Lawrence Avenue from southwest corner of a parcel conveyed to John L. Sullivan, Hoang-Ngan Nguyen and Ha Hai Ta, Pinecrest, Fla., sold to Kyle T. Palmer, Norwood; and Julie A. Simpson, Potsdam $103,000

Town of Canton: Parcel, part of mile square lots 5 and 6, First Range, beginning in northerly bounds of lot running from Ogdensburg Road to Morley, David M. Smith and Lori L. Smith, Canton, sold to Cooper W. Newman and Marley A. Davis, Canton $115,000

Town of Potsdam: 55 acres, beginning in southerly bounds of lot conveyed to West at northeasterly corner of Wuartus Parmele lot, Japheth March, Potsdam, sold to Joseph M. Delosh, Potsdam $37,500

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 6, house 79, Ober Street, Block 32, Gregory L. Wiley, Massena, sold to Laura Gallagher, Lacawazen, Pa. $43,000

Town of Macomb: 0.1 acres, beginning on southerly shoreline of “Birch Point” extending into eastern portion of Hickory Lake, Daniel Cooper, Cicero, trustee of Shirley O. Cooper Irrevocable Trust, sold to Royal C. Martin, Ogdensburg $73,000

Town of DeKalb: Parcel, part of lot 328, map and survey by Potter Goff and Township of DeKalb, beginning at point of highway at corner of Mary Hayes’ land, Shawn M. Brown, DeKalb Junction, sold to Michael Livingston, DeKalb Junction $110,000

Town of Macomb: 1.5 acres, north side of the road leading from Bigelow School House to Star School House, Gary B. Turner, Ogdensburg; Jeffery Turner, Bonita Springs, Fla.; and Richard Lake, Ogdensburg, sold to Timothy J. Gordon, Hammond $45,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, part of block 58 of Ford Mansion Tract, beginning at southeast corner of the block at the intersection of Ford Avenue and Spruce Street, Barry R. Kiah, Ogdensburg, sold to Bradley S. Stewart, Ogdensburg $5,000

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