Massena seeks public input on branding

Massena residents have been asked to vote on the two branding concepts shown in this composite photo. Photo provided

MASSENA — The town and village of Massena have been working with H3 Designs to come up with a new branding concept for the area and now want public input on the two final designs.

Residents are asked to visit and learn about the two designs before voting on their favorite.

“We are asking the people within the Massena community to go to the website page that was created for this process and read about each logo, along with the variations,” H3 Designs stated in a news release. “Each page of the website features a brief summary of the logo, alternate logo variations, font profiles, and wordmarks. The website also shows the logo mocked up on merchandise and print products. Once you have explored the logo concepts, please vote for your favorite logo.”

Only one vote will be allowed per IP address. The final poll results and voter feedback will be considered by the branding committee when making the final determination on which logo will be the centerpiece of the branding project.

“Having a cohesive and accurate brand image and strategy is critical for our community as we look to attract and retain residents, bolster business, and boost tourism,” Matt LeBire, Deputy Mayor of the Village of Massena said in the press release. “It is great to see our branding committee working toward this important goal. I encourage residents to take a moment to provide their valuable feedback on this logo phase of the branding project.”

“Branding of the Massena area is something that hasn’t been pursued and is a necessary step to move forward. It is great to have Massena town representatives, Village of Massena representatives, local business people, area promoters, and a local company such as H3 Designs all working together collaboratively on this project,” Sam Carbone, Massena town councilor said.

The online poll will close on March 13.

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