RICHVILLE — The Richville Free Library Memory Tree was dedicated to the following deceased, but clearly missed friends, relatives and neighbors:

Donna Allen

Bill and Anna Anderson

John and Charlotte Austin

Alfred and Hilda Barcomb

Charlie Barton

Private 1st Class G. Harold Bean

Nena Beane

Danny Besaw

Christopher Bigelow

Herald Bigelow

Merlin Bigelow

Milan Bigelow

Theron and Lila Bigelow

Ward D. and Jane Bigelow

Bovay Family

Carl and Nettie Bowhall

Betsy Bowman

Pauline and Ivan Breaky

Deanna Brightman

Cpl. Henry Brogrette

Emerson and Margaret Brown

Ian Brown

Bill Brozzo

Pat Brundage

Bruno, canine

Yvonne Bulger

Alberta Burke

Alfred Bush

Robert and Mary Bush

Orrin Caswell

Ellen Chambers

Andrew G. Chester

Clare and Myrtle Conklin

Danny Conklin

Deanna Conklin

Dixie Conklin

Doc and Lucy Conklin

Eloise Janet Conklin

Keith Conklin

Milan and Aldena Conklin

Neal Conklin

Shirley Conklin

Kaesy Corscadden

Doris Cota

Aunt Cynthia

Bev Dalton

Cleo Dalton

Dena Dalton

Norman Dalton

Ron Dalton

Uncle Dalton

Claude Davis

Robert Day

Maude Denesha

Brad Dodway

Danny Dodway

Paul Dodway

Raymond and Lucy Dodway

Melvin and Nita Dusharm

Wayne Euchus

Willard and Ella Eachus

Jean Easton

Natasha Embry

Bill Engelhardt

Family Members

Wayne Farr

Andrew D. Ferguson

Art Ferry Jr.

Michael Ferry Jr.

Claude and Marjorie Dinley

Bill Franke

Clarence and Marjorie Fuller

Travis Fuller

Edith and Clyde Gardner

Leigh and Ruth Garrand

Gail George

Richard and Helen Gillings

Grandma Jenny Gore

Jack Green

John U. and Shirley B. Green

Linda Green Thayer

Cyril and Helen Greenhill

Dick and Rose Harra

Grandma and Grandpa Haskins

Clifford and Henrietta Hay

Tam Hayes

Warren Hayes

Kitty Heady Tamblin

Bradley Hodgdon

Brian Hodgdon

Butch Hodgdon

Dylan Hodgdon

Harry Hodgdon

Lina Hodgdon

Arthur and Bernice House

David and Susan House

Holcomb Huse

Addison Hutchinson

Jack Hutton

Gene Jackson

T.J. Jackson

Duke and Maude Jenkins

Junior Jenkins

Karen Jenkins

Mike Jenkins

Steve Jenkins

Wendell and Ruth Jenkins

Doris Jones

Lester and Dorothy Jones

Meredith Jones

Orvis and Meredith Jones

Wendell and Ruth Jones

Charles E. and Edith Keyes

Chuck Keyes

Ivan Kinney

Frank and Mary Ellen LaFalce

Karl and Mary Lamb

Brian Langtry

George and Loretta Langtry

Howard and Marceline Langtry

John Langry

Lawrence Langtry

Anthony and Hazel Laurenza

Joseph and Louise Laurenza

Marilyn Laurenza

Mark and Eva Laurenza

Phillip Lee

Janet LeMere

Mildred Lenahan

Orville Lewis

Grammie Louise

Ellis and Pierina Manzolati

Mary Martin

Erwin Mashaw

William and Marilyn Mashaw

David Mattot

Grandma and Grandpa Matott

Kevin “Kip” Matott

Tony Matott

Julie McBroom

Tom and Elizabeth McClatchey

Alfred McEathron

Ernest and Rosa McEathron

Emerson McQuade

Wesley Merritt

Uncle Michael

Alma Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Minnick

Brian Mitchell

Maurice Mitchell Sr.

Mary Molnar

Dorothy Morrison

Gail Hatch Morrow

Alexander Myers

Aunt Natalie

Laura Norton

Harold and Violet O’Dell

Larry O’Dell

Robert O’Dell

O’Neil Family

Charles Papp

Rev. Edward Papp

Teddy Bear Papp

Claude Patchin

Aunt Patty

Edwin Perrigo

Lida Perrin

Nancy Perrin

Richard Perrin

Annette Phelps

Jonathan Piro

Beulah Youngs Porter

Claire Porter

Bob and Lucille Pratt

Cathy and Sarah Pratt

Ross Putman

Joseph Rastley

Carl Raymo

David I. Reynolds

Hugh and Ardis Reynolds

James and Emmeline Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds

Wallace and Carole Reynolds

Carl E. and Helen G. Rivers

Sarah L. Rivers

Dick and Arlene Robbins

Jane Rue

David Winfield Rumbaugh

Hugh and Lucille Rumbaugh

Grammie Ruth

Jim Sawyer

Shawn Sawyer

Louise Schwellensattl

Terry Seery

John and Dorothy Seiser

Thomas and Eileen Seiser

Louise Shaw

Kenneth Shea

Kenneth Shea Jr.

Kevin Shea

Mitchell Shove

Harry and Anna Siver

Rhetta Smith

Steven Spano

Mike (Myron) Steinburg

Brennan Stevens

Stan and Inez Stevens

Tom Storrin

Shirley Streeter

William and Mary Swift

Bruce Tamblin

Keith Tamblin

Roger and Phyllis Tamblin

Stella and Robert Tamblin

Carl Taylor

Clara Taylor

Cliff Taylor

Jason Terpstra

Paul Thayer

Tim Thayer

Paul and Fern Thompson

Carol Thornton

James Tropeano

Richard Walton

Dale Weatherup

E. Watson Weatherup

Gordon Weatherup

Lynn Weatherup

Roland and Lulu Weatherup

Carlton and Emma Whitaker

Archie White

Emerson “Punky” and Pattie Woods

Helen Woods

Patti Woods

Terry Woodward

Loia Woodward

Arnold and Marion Wylie

Ed Wylie

Delbert and Jeanette Wylie

Bob York

Clifford and Keitha Youngs

Gregory C. Youngs

Bruce and Donna Youngs

Izetta Murphy Youngs

Randolph Youngs

Randy Youngs

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