STOCKHOLM — St. Lawrence County lawmakers on Monday unanimously passed a resolution to contract Barton and Loguidice for consulting services regarding repairs to the McCarthy Road bridge over the West Branch of the St. Regis River.

The resolution, passed during the county Finance Committee meeting, authorizes Board of Legislators Chair William J. Sheridan, R-Hammond, to sign the contract.

The county Department of Highways solicited qualified consultants with experience in engineering services involving scour remediation, and the board determined Barton and Loguidice to be the best consultant for the project, according to the resolution.

“The reason for this resolution going forward,” Highway Superintendent Donald R. Chambers said, “is, one, to get our design worked on so that we can procure the materials necessary; and, two, is the issue with infrastructure.”

“The bridge is scour vulnerable, and we’ve had issues with erosion under the foundation that we’ve had to fix in the past, and Barton and Loguidice could provide the specialized engineering services that I need to fortify it so that it is able to withstand erosion of the footings,” he said.

The open, steel-deck bridge in the town of Stockholm, Mr. Chambers said, is low-posted for 8 tons.

“It’s deteriorating quite rapidly,” he said, adding that the steel is badly corroded, “which will lead to closure very shortly.”

“Scour” is an engineering term for erosion around a bridge foundation, often caused by flooding, and is the leading cause of bridge failure, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Mr. Chambers said the total cost of the engineering services will be $8,000. The 2021 budget for the Department of Highways will be modified to reflect the contract cost.

“I’m utilizing our own forces to do some of the drafting and survey work to keep the cost of engineering down,” Mr. Chambers said.

The resolution will proceed for a second vote during the next full board meeting on Dec. 6, following two public hearings: for the county’s $260 million 2022 budget, and for modifications to the county’s 15 legislative districts.

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