The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County Clerk’s Office Aug. 25, 2020:

Town of Lawrence: Parcel, beginning at Brasher Falls-North Lawrence State Highway from northwest corner of Hallahan Farm, Christopher D. Lashomb and Emily A. Lashomb, Brasher Falls, sold to Shelley A. Phillips-Leblanc and Frederick A. Leblanc, Brasher Falls $130,000

Town of Potsdam: 0.131 acres, north of Poplar Drive, south of Mulligan Alley, in mile square 29, Xantippe Vanarsdale, White River Junction, Vt., sold to Billy J. Yoakum Jr. and Lou Ann Yoakum, Ogdensburg $42,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, beginning in southerly corner of grantor’s property and intersection of northerly boundary of Wilson Street, Amy E. Richards, Heuvelton; and Todd R. Mashaw, Ogdensburg, sold to Lucas S. Harper, Ogdensburg $67,000

Town of Pitcairn: Parcel, beginning in west line of Carl Scofield lot on south side of Sooper Creek, Scott W. Dunnagan, Central Islip, sold to Jeffrey Durham and Ashley Durham, Harrisville $15,000

Town of Stockhom: 32 acres, part of mile lot 54, Gary C. Ling, Winthrop, sold to Anthony T. Deshane and Beth A. Facteau, Winthrop $59,000

Town of Hermon: Parcel 1: 0.57 acres, westerly of shore of Trout Lake, norwesterly corner of lot 7 on “Halcyon Haven at Trout Lake”; Parcel 2: 5.77 acres, northeasterly of County Route 19, beginning in northeasterly margin of County Route 19 at instersection of southeasterly boundary of lands now or formerly of John A. Clark Sr. and Donna R. Clark, William Clark Padgett, New Woodstock, sold to Jonathan David Miles and Gretta Beth Miles, Liverpool $190,000

Town of Parishvill: 42.7 acres, west of County Road 70, beginning at intersection of north boundary of lands now or formerly of Ralph Christy, Frederick Peryer and Bonita J. Peryer, Colton, sold to Erin Vaillancourt, Tupper Lake $178,000

Town of Potsdam: 2 acres, in lot 32, beginning in easterly bounds of County Road 35 at northerly line of parcel owned by Kenneth William Grant, Phillip M. Remington and Barbara E. Remington, Parishville, sold to Kevin M. Remington and Jerika M. Remington, Canton $68,000

Town of Norfolk: 48.13 acres, northerly of Marsh Road in mile square 49, Christian A. Poirier and Aimee M. Poirier, Norfolk, sold to Edward Ashley and Rebecca Ashley, Massena $31,000

Village of Canton: 0.3 acres, southeasterly of Buck Street at intersection with north boundary of lands now or formerly of Steven and Jody Horwitz, Grady Harrington, Canton, sold to Stephen M. Putman and Marcia Putman, Canton $125,000

City of Ogdensburg: 0.23 acres, lot 20 on Proctor Park Subdivision prepared by Sear-Brown Group, Beverly W. Demers, Ogdensburg; and Michael Parker and Wendy L. Parker, West Chazy, sold to Edgar A. LaCombe III, Ogdensburg $160,000

Town of Colton: 0.236 acres, 629 Route 56, Camp Sevey LLC, Rochester, sold to Sevey’s Lodge LLC, Honeoye Falls $210,000

Village of Massena: 0.28 acres, beginning in northwest corner of lot 4, at easterly bounds of Dover Street and southwest corner of lot 4, Paul J. Alexander and Corrine M. Alexander, Attleboro, Mass., sold to Kayla Martin and Andrew Sienkiewycz, Liverpool $130,000

Town of Stockholm: 0.359 acres, in great lot 48, beginning in northerly boundary of Route 11 at southwesterly corner of Myrna J. Scott lot, Gregory Peet, Potsdam; and Susan E. Foster, Potsdam, sold to Ronald R. Page, Potsdam $41,500

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 11, house 69, Ober Street, in block 32, on Map A-7928-I, Lyle K. Compo and Wendy J. Compo, Massena, sold to Teddy Montroy and Lori Montroy, Bombay $20,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 26, 2020:

Village of Waddington: 0.465 acres, southwesterly of Waterloo Road and southeasterly of Big Sucker Brook, Tiernan Land Holding LLC, Waddington, sold to Travis S. McKnight and Natalie M. McKnight, Chase Mills $7,500

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, 29 Clough Street, William M. Paul, Syracuse, sold to Wendy Briggs, Potsdam $30,000

Village of Gouverneur: Parcel, 50 Hailesboro Street, Michael Ablan, Gouverneur, sold to Silver Line Estate LLC, Philadelphia $55,000

Town of Edwards: 0.66 acres, beginning of center line of 15 foot right of way from concrete monument marked “M-40-41,” Cedar Lake Land Corporation, North Rose, sold to Charles K. Schiller and Mary B. Schiller, Pittsford $4,000

Town of Morristown: 0.17 acres, part of lot 3 and half of right of way to Black Lake on “VanSchiack Subdivision, Black Lake,” Lynn M. Barnes, Hammond, sold to Katherine Merithew, Wildwood, Fla. $65,000

Town of Pitcairn: 1.87 acres, part of Big Lot 26, Township 11, Great Tract 3 of Macomb’s Purchase, Michael J. Law Sr., Harrisville, sold to Timothy K. Johnson and Tammy L. Johnson, Gouverneur $20,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, 12 Amherst Road, Daniel P. Bovay, Massena, sold to Gordon S. Furbish, North Berwick, Maine $33,500

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, on lot 85, beginning on Lost Nation Road, Keith B. Benedict and Maureen K. Benedict, Norfolk, sold to Rex A. Crump and Rebecca E. Crump, Brasher Falls $85,000

Town of Louisville: Parcel, lot 187 on “Wilson Hill Area, Power Authority of the State of New York,” Nathan Witkop, Sedona, Ariz., sold to Diane L. Kennedy, Massena $195,000

Town of Hammond: Parcel, 73 Dillon Point Road, William J. Bishop and Nancy J. Bishop, Rochester, sold to Nicholas A. Nederostek and Jessica L. Nederostek, Brackney, Pa. $155,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 0.23 acres, beginning at northwesterly corner of lot contracted to be sold to Robert and Marjorie Burlingame to Black Lake, Tina M. Huff, Willet, sold to Robert E. Barber and Sun Hwa Barber, Hunlock Creek, Pa. $75,000

Town of Edwards: 99.5 acres, Township 8, Great Tract 3 of Macomb’s Purchase, beginning in line between lots 61 and 62 running east to south line of James Noble’s land, Gary R. Fayette and Cathy A. Fayette, Harrisville; Michael J. Fayette, Fultonville; and Danielle M. Fayette-Monahan, Frankfort, sold to Jonathon Brecheisen, Erikka Brecheisen by her attorney-in-fact and Jonathan Brecheisen, Copperas Cove, Texas $285,000

City of Ogdensburg: 0.039 acres, south of LaFayette Street at northeast corner of lands now or formerly of Joseph Pearson and Johanna E. Pearson, Plum Tree Partners LLC, Burke, sold to Connie E. Farley, Ogdensburg $25,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, 919 Pickering St., Jerry G. Peo Sr. and Vicky M. Peo, Ogdensburg, sold to Jerry G. Peo Jr., Heuvelton $55,000

Town of Potsdam: 1.15 acres, beginning on May Road at intersection of north bounds of farm now or formerly owned by Charles I. Christy and Harriet S. Christy, Justin C. Perry and Jennifer C. Perry, Brushton, sold to Jacob Mir and Megan O’Brien, Potsdam $150,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 27, 2020:

Town of DeKalb: 0.5 acres, part of lot 325, beginning on highway leading from Presbyterian Church to DeKalb Village, Reginald S. Curtis and Pamela M. Curtis, DeKalb Junction, sold to Dylan Weems and Corina Weems, Hermon $58,000

Town of Waddington: 2.23 acres, northwest of Route 37A in mile square 15 at intersection of northwest boundary of lands now or formerly of Stephen E. Teele and Gail Teele, Kevin E. Putney and Shaina A. Macintosh, Lisbon, sold to Jereme C. Oosterman, Lisbon $55,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 24 in block 41 on Map E-8938-I, of subdivision of Pine Grove Realty Company, Amber L. Dean, Massena, sold to Leeann Heinrich, Brasher Falls $73,500

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, 26, 28, 20 N. Main Street, Countryside ALF LLC, Rochester, sold to Stephen Bushey Jr., Brushton $80,000

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, “Proposed Shopping Area” in Riverside Heights Subdivision, Parish of the Visitation and St. Raymond, successor in interest to St. Raymond’s Church, Norfolk, sold to Thomas Fiacco, Norwood $25,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 1 in block 7 on southerly side of Main Street in Ford Mansion Property, Jerome G. Lovely Jr., Heuvelton; and Jo-Ellen Murray, Ogdensburg, individually and as administrators of the estate of Ella M. Lovely, Ogdensburg, sold to Zachary Curtis and Amanda Curtis, DeKalb Junction $40,000

Village of Potsdam: Parcel 1: 0.34 acres, 26 Pierrepont Avenue.; Parcel 2: Parcel, 53 Pierrepont Avenue; Parcel 3: 28 Pierrepont Avenue; Parcel 4: 541, 543 Highway 11B; Parcel 5: 11-13 Market Street; Parcel 6: 2 acres, 30 Leroy Street; and Parcel 7: 0.82 acres, 40, 40 1/2 Pine Street, BSAB LLC, Potsdam; Ali Boolani, Potsdam; Altaf Boolani, Potsdam; and Shahima Boolani, Potsdam, sold to Northbrook Rentals LLC, Canton $1,070,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, westerly half of lot 21 in block 19 in Upper Village of Ogdensburg, Patrick J. McNally, Ogdensburg, sold to Gregory C. Church, Ogdensburg $50,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lots 7 and 8 in block 20 on Farm Lots 11 and 12 in section 1 of Van Solingen Tract, Janine M. Sias, Ogdensburg, sold to Edward C. Dana and Katherine O. Dana, Ogdensburg $20,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 28, 2020:

Town of Potsdam: 2.07 acres, beginning on Wright Road from center of Canton-Potsdam Road, Jack H. Locey and Karen E. Locey, Potsdam, sold to Curtis T. Legault and Lila G. Legault, Potsdam $100,000

Town of Norfolk: 13.97 acres, part of Simpson acre lit in mile square lot 95, beginning on road leading from Lost Nation School House to Plumb Brook, Marlon K. Premo, Star, Idaho, sold to Steven M. Levison and Aundrea Levison, Norfolk $33,500

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 5 in block 462 on map made by Thomas B. Tate in 1895, Michael D. Marshall and Marguerite G. Pearson, Heuvelton, sold to Sammuel E. Moore and Mary E. Gropp, Kemersville, N.C. $70,000

Town of Hopkinton: 5 acres, part of lot 8 of Short Tract, beginning at intersection of Newton Road and St. Lawrence Turnpike, Ricky G. Johnston and Sandra K. Johnston, Norfolk, sold to Joseph A. Shepherd, DeKalb Junction $54,000

Town of Macomb: 8.3 acres, beginning at southerly corner of land conveyed to James W. Tarkowski and most easterly corner of lands conveyed to Clifford C. Arnett, Amy Fitzsimmons, Gouverneur, sold to Jermaine A. Brown and Jacqueline J. Foehr, Rockville Center $315,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, part of the Chester D. Averell Est. Realty, Suong Ives, Indianapolis, Ind., sold to Mary A. McClure, Watertown $262,500

Town of Hammond: 5 acres, east side of Black Lake Road known as Tobias Eustis Homestead, bounded on north by Nicol lot and road leading from Black Lake Road to Railroad Station, James M. Amyot, Baltimore, Md., sold to James S. Hyde and Sandra L. Hyde, Hammond $100,000

Town of DeKalb: Parcel, Dashnaw Street, Carlton L. Woods, Richville, sold to David W. Hartle and Connie M. Hartle, Richville $1,000

Town of Louisville: 0.861 acres, in mile square 20 beginning at intersection of County Routes 39 and 36, Susan M. St. Thomas, Norfolk; and Gary McGregor, Norfolk, sold to Brock Barney and Cassondra Barney, Massena $158,500

Town of Fine: 0.5 acres, beginning on Ridge Road from south bounds of lot 8 and north bounds of lot 24, Robert and Susan Shene, Fine, sold to Barry S. Norton, Fine $7,000

Town of Fowler: Parcel, part of 10 acres conveyed to David H. Balmat, Renee Cole, administrator of the estate of Marvin J. Dana, Gouverneur, sold to Leroy T. Tharrett Jr., Hailesboro $30,000

Town of Stockholm: 12.59 acres, northerly of Route 11 in mile square lot 51, beginning at southwesterly corner of lands now or formerly of Edwin D. Francis, Rodney W. Roach, Massena, sold to Ian Bressett, Potsdam $10,000

Town of Hermon: Parcel, beginning on east margin of Trout Lake running norther to Boy Scout Bay, Douglas R. Pens and Eileen J. Pens, Hermon, sold to William S. Clark and Michelle J. Clark, Phoenix $320,000

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