Stefanik offers tough agenda against China

Rep. Elise M. Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, addresses the crowd at her election night victory party in Glens Falls last year. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik received nearly $100,000 in donations from businesses that have either pledged to stop giving to candidates who rejected the presidential election results, or are suspending political contributions until further notice.

Nearly two dozen companies with political action committees have said they will not contribute to Republican lawmakers who raised objections to the certification of the Electoral College results from Arizona or Pennsylvania, according to a report last week in

Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, was one of the GOP representatives who raised objections during the certification on Jan. 6. The hearing on those challenges was delayed after a group of supporters of now former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building. Five people died in the riot.

Stefanik received about $30,500 in donations from the companies that said they would not give to these candidates.

Topping the list were Walmart with $8,000; Blue Cross Blue Shield at $7,000; and Intel with $5,000, according to campaign finance data.

Stefanik also raised about $64,000 from companies that said they were temporarily pausing political donations for re-evaluation. This included $10,000 each from Google; the National Association of Realtors and the accounting firm Deloitte; $8,000 from Citigroup; and $7,500 each from Target and the American Bankers Association.

During this election cycle, Stefanik raised about $1.66 million, which also includes issue advocacy groups. This is about 13% of her nearly $13 million total fundraising haul, according to

Stewart’s Shops, big donors to Stefanik, have halted their political contributions all together until “further review,” according to the Albany Times Union, “after pressure from individuals calling and threatening on social media to boycott the chain over their support for the congresswoman,” the newspaper reported Jan. 15.

When contacted for comment, Stefanik’s office provided a statement from campaign manager Alex DeGrasse. He cited Stefanik’s fundraising prowess and downplayed the corporate donations.

“The majority of the campaign’s funding comes from small-dollar donors who have donated over $6 million to her campaign. Elise for Congress has $2 million in the bank and her re-election campaign has never been in a stronger position politically,” he wrote.

Stefanik would be seeking her fifth term in 2022.

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(7) comments


You Guy’s are always finding fault with the best representative we have ever had in District 21. Thought our new President has asked all of us to nicer and kinder to all.

Guess you didn’t get the word.

hermit thrush

there isn't going to be any unity until the seditionists and insurrectionists admit how wrong they are.


Every one of these businesses are made up of cowards, which is increasingly what we're made of, as a country. Its like a high school popularity contest.


Makes sense to me but not because of who Rep Stefanik is. Democrats now control 2 branches of government, legislative and executive meaning businesses who donate are going to donate to there. Why? Joseph Robinette Biden has publicly stated he is going to bring corporate tax rates back to where they were when he was vice president. The outgoing president Donald Trump lowered corporate tax rates from about 38% to about 21% allowing businesses to invest and hire new employees. Naturally businesses donated to republicans for that party aided them greatly. With 2 branches now in democrat hands businesses will lobby and donate to democrat legislators in an attempt to get them to vote down any new tax hikes. Stefanik is a republican minority legislator and really cannot help American businesses any longer for her party lost big time in the election of 2020. Papa Trump left his party hurting they will be short on campaign donations, all of them not just Elise Stefanik.


Pocket change


Interesting well the the companies mentioned are large employers in her district... will that transfer to changes in employee votes..or further donation reduction.. Supporting the election lie will haunt her through the next election..


Decisions have consequences... regardless, support in her district appears strong enough to weather this. That can't be said for other GOPers..

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