TAUNY presents new video ‘Never Tire Farm: Hope in a Box’

The plants and pots at Never Tire Farm, Lisbon. TAUNY photo

CANTON — Traditional Arts in Upstate New York has released “Never Tire Farm: Hope in a Box,” a new video documenting a wholesale greenhouse in Lisbon. Never Tire Farm is an important source for many small retailers in the area who supply plant starts directly to customers in the community.

As a TAUNY “Grow and Tell Project” production, this video highlights a link in the local food system chain by giving insight into the greenhouse business in St. Lawrence Country, and the ways Never Tire Farm owners Megan and Ray Bowdish take care of the seeds and plants that many in the community depend on to grow food as well as flowers in their own home gardens.

The busy season starts in February for Never Tire Farm and goes all the way to the middle of June. There are a lot of challenges along the way, such as managing electricity, finding seasonal labor, extreme temperature changes, wind storms, and the fact there is no affordable crop insurance in New York State. But there are also many happy sides of running a greenhouse business.

“It’s nice to grow something, it’s nice when the people from outside come in and look and they are excited to see what’s blooming. The miracle of starting a seed is just pretty cool. That you have this inert thing, put it into the growing media, a little water, a little heat, and then you get a plant. It’s just hope in a box, that’s what we call it when the seeds come in.” Never Tire Farm manager Megan said.

She also sheds light on the importance of their work to local and regional traditions of people growing their own food.

“And it’s also interesting, when you look at a tray of seeded peppers, or a tray of seeded tomatoes. So you have your thousand plants and we transplant them...and send them out, and then thinking, how many people those are going to feed. That’s pretty cool,” she said.

To watch Never Tire Farm: Hope in a Box go to https://youtu.be/7x8rqrbuW1w. Other videos associated with the Grow and Tell Project will be available in the coming months on TAUNY’s YouTube channel.

The “Grow and Tell Project” is a 2021 collaboration between TAUNY and littleGrasse Community Farm, Canton, and part of TAUNY’s Folk to Table traditional foodways project. “Grow and Tell” highlights how the food we grow reflects and helps sustain our food traditions throughout northern NY. Learn more at tauny.org.

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