TAUNY has been closed since March 16 and has furloughed its staff and postponed a major fundraiser. Support can be given at tauny.org/support or by mailing a check to TAUNY, 53 Main St., Canton.

CANTON — The Traditional Arts in Upstate New York Center has been closed since March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain closed until it is deemed safe to reopen. On April 5, the TAUNY staff went on furlough until normal operations are possible.

TAUNY’s major annual spring fundraiser has been postponed. Like all non-profits, the organization seeks support as it weathers the shutdown and prepares for the promised reopening of The TAUNY Center and resumption of programs across the region.

Despite the fundraiser postponement, the TAUNY Board of Directors is working to secure resources to bring TAUNY’s services back to the public as soon as possible. Those able to make a donation now to its spring fundraiser and to a relaunching fund may do so at tauny.org/support or by mailing a check to TAUNY, 53 Main St., Canton, NY 13617. TAUNY’s board and staff remain grateful for generous public support over 34 years.

When The TAUNY Center reopens the public will once again be able to visit the St. Lawrence County Barn Quilts Exhibit which opened on Feb. 29 and is scheduled to close on October 24. The official opening of a new digital exhibit featuring recipients of TAUNY’s North Country Heritage Awards will also occur later this year.

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