Times launches NNY360 website

WATERTOWN — The Watertown Daily Times and Northern New York Newspapers have launched a new website, NNY360.com. The website is a replacement for watertowndailytimes.com and the websites of weekly newspapers in Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Lewis and Oswego counties. NNY360 is one news and advertising information sharing website for all of the north country. It will be subscription based, but will be open to all readers for no charge through Aug. 1. Readers who do not subscribe to the full print edition will be charged $9.99 per month for access, and those with Sunday-only and other partial print subscriptions, will be offered discounted rates.

“This is a great investment in the digital future of news reporting,” said Alec E. Johnson, managing editor of the Times. “This has been an exercise in bringing our full news reporting staff onto one team. It is the largest news reporting team in the north country and NNY360 gives us a strong, updated platform to share the news that matters most to our readers.”

Starting today, the websites for the Watertown Daily Times and all Northern New York newspapers weekly publications will redirect to NNY360.

There has never been a greater demand for local news content. The newspapers will now provide it in a more effective manner to reach readers who use their cellphones, tablets and computers more regularly than a printed newspaper.

The website is not merely a replica of a day’s newspaper, it is its own content channel that will be updated and adjusted based on news and events of the day.

The new website, NNY360, will have more content that previously was spread over several websites.

Check out the new design at NNY360.com. Share feedback at feedback@wdt.net

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(24) comments


Please keep the Obituaries and other public announcements open and free to any user.

Holmes -- the real one

Someone has taken my name and is posting here using that name. It's not me -- and the opinions expressed are not mine.


Not me Holmes.


Will send WDT 100 dollars if they tell me what is going on, I really do not know.


I understand the need for a paid subscriber base and know that many papers are moving to this model. Unfortunately, as I already pay $10.00/month to our local paper (The Albany Times Union), I cannot justify an additional $ 9.99/month to keep up to date with the news from the area that I grew up in. I expect that many of the folks that moved away from the North Country will be in the same position.


The price after August 1, 2019 is reasonable and I will continue to post replies to letters and editorials. The new website seems to be faster and has more content. Thumbs up WDT.


The $9.99 per month after August 1, 2019 is reasonable and I will continue to submit replies to letters and opinions. The new website is much faster and content seems greater. Not many old posters but I assume most of us will stay and pay the $9.99. Thumbs up to the WDT.


Since my original comment was deleted shortly after I posted it for reasons I can only assume because I questioned what would justify spending 10 dollars a month for news when there are other competitors who offer it for free and support their site through advertisements. So I'll ask again how is this going to be Superior and justify the cost when you guys have less content than other sources and what precisely does that fee get you other than access to information that is readily available elsewhere with no cost to the consumer. Also your comment system doesn't even let you space sentences apart FYI.


The website looks great and I can understand streamlining under one site. But can someone explain to me the logic of charging a monthly fee if you don't subscribe to your paper? 2 days ago you were giving the content away for free now there will be a 10 dollar charge per month for what precisely? I guess my question is this why would someone pay that when there are free alternatives which frankly offer more content. What are you offering that exceeds what say a ncnow or WWNY offers for free? Also as someone who has advertised a business through your massena paper and website how is the structure of that affected by this new move? I don't really understand the logic behind any of this. Yes your goal is to sell more newspapers to increase revenue both from physical sales and advertisements. But to give something away for free for years and then just out of the blue decide it needs to be behind a paywall when you have several media competitors that don't just seems self defeating.


74% of people say they would go to a free news site before they would pay for news. Good luck

Holmes -- the real one

Sorry folks, this "Holmes" isn't me any more. Someone has taken my name and is posting here under that name. At least you have John McElroy.


Again not me Holmes. I do expect more political issues to reply to if we are going to pay.


Good luck but I don’t think a paywall is the answer. It might work for the NYT’s or the WallStreet Journal but I don’t think it will for small newspapers. Even 40% of subscribers for the NYT’s are subscribers for the crossword puzzles and the recipes.


Good luck, but I don’t know if a paywall is the answer. It might work for the NYT’s or the WallStreet Journal but I don’t think it will for small newspapers. Even 40% of the NYT’s new subscribers are subscribing for the crossword puzzles and recipes...


40 percent of new digital subscriptions at the New York Times are for crosswords and cooking.


A recent survey discovered that when asked what they would do if their favorite news site suddenly began charging, 74% of respondents said they would "find another free site." Good luck but I don't think a paywall will work in today's day and age. It might for a large media like NYT's or WallStreet Journal but not a small newspaper. Even that is questionable, 40 percent of new digital subscriptions at the New York Times are for crosswords and cooking.


Good move.


Interesting at this point...learning the navigation...seems OK so far...


"Advertorial" Fools!


I like the site. However, I am wondering what you are going to charge? What is it going to be?


$2.99 a month introductory pricing and then $9.99 a month.


I believe it is $9.99 per month beginning in August 2019.

Evernay Umpertray

Thank you for this new site. I do not subscribe to the Daily since I am a frequent traveler and leave my home for much of the winter. Your new site will likely become my connection to my St. Lawrence River home and hometown.


Thanks for leaving us a comment. We hope that we can be your connection to the River while you are away. Please let us know how we are doing. John Johnson - Publisher

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