Brasher, Teamsters OK contract

BRASHER FALLS — The town of Brasher has reached an agreement with its Teamsters union on a new contract that runs until January 2022. The Brasher Town Board approved the contract during its meeting on Monday.

“They were real happy with what they got,” Supervisor Mark A. Peets said.

He said the union, which represents four members, had asked for and received a 2 percent raise each year. Any new employee will start with a salary of least $16.50 an hour for the first six months, and that will increase to $18 an hour after another six months.

“Within a year, they could be up to $18 for starting,” Mr. Peets said.

The agreement also allows members to be paid for unused vacation time at the end of their first paycheck in December, and anyone hired as a laborer will be paid a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

“At this time we don’t have any laborers,” he said.

Union officials had requested and received a change in the wording concerning who they represent — union members, but not non-members who work for the town of Brasher.

“They just wanted to make that stand clear, that they’re only representing the members,” Mr. Peets said.

The new agreement also adds aunts and uncles to the individuals who are included in the list of relatives in the bereavement leave policy. Councilman John Keenan said that, while he supported the change, he wondered about individuals who had several aunts and uncles.

“One way or another, they’re going to take leave. They’re going to take either sick leave or take bereavement days. We have to tread lightly on that because it’s a requirement of the state,” Mr. Peets said. “Do I see it being abused? I don’t think so.”

During their meeting, board members also appointed Leon Shorette to a five-year term as the town’s assessor.

“That would carry him out through 2024,” Mr. Peets said.

Mr. Shorette had been appointed to serve the remainder of Allen Fukes’s term following Mr. Fukes’s retirement. That term expires this year.

“By Oct. 1, 2019 would be the time we would want to appoint Leon to a five-year term for assessor,” the town supervisor said.

Rather than wait until then, board members made the appointment on Monday.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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