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LOUISVILLE — Town of Louisville officials have scheduled a public hearing for 6:30 p.m. today in the town hall to talk about proposed improvements to the town’s water treatment plant.

Planned improvements include upgrading the existing filtration process equipment that services all of the water districts within the town.

Town Supervisor Larry R. Legault said the original filters were installed when the water treatment plant was built in 2003 for District 1. New filters were installed in 2007 when the town created District 2. With the proposed project, the new filters would make it more cost-efficient to run the plant and it wouldn’t be so labor-intensive.

“We’re going to upgrade the plant for modern water filters — that will take us through the next 20 to 30 years,” Mr. Legault said. “It’s a better setup for us moving forward.”

Mr. Legault said the town board has been discussing upgrades at the water treatment plant for the past year, and public input is needed for the bond resolution for the project.

“Now we’ve come up with a process on how we’re going to move forward,” he said.

However, he said, moving forward hinges on receiving grant money.

“We’ve applied for grant funding from different agencies,” Mr. Legault said. “We probably won’t do this project unless we get grant money. We should know by the end of November.”

Without grant money, the total estimated cost to the average residential user would be $484.55 per year for District 1, $570.55 per year for District 2, and $720.55 per year for District 3. The probable useful life of the improvements and upgrades is 40 years.

He said the project needs to be “shovel-ready” once the town is notified that the grant funding has been received.

“This (public hearing and bond resolution) is getting us closer to being shovel-ready once we know we’ve received some grant money,” Mr. Legault said.

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