CANTON — St. Lawrence County Board of Election officials have completed a reading of write-in ballots from the Ogdensburg mayoral and City Council election and have announced unofficial numbers.

In the race for mayor, Jeffery M. Skelly received 1,457 write-in votes. In the City Council race, John A. Rishe received 1,266 write-in votes.

There are several more steps the board has to take to officially certify all votes cast on election night.

As it stands, Mr. Skelly won the mayor’s race over incumbent Wayne L. Ashley, who received 470 votes on election night, and Samuel J. Lammachia, who received 370 votes.

In the City Council race in which three seats were up for grabs the apparent winners are Steven M. Fisher with 1,586 votes, William B. Dillabough with 1,303 votes and John Rishe with 1,266 votes. The losing candidates’ totals were 878 votes for David G. Price, 715 votes for Jennifer Stevenson and 558 votes for Timothy P. Davis.

There were 161 total write-in votes (24 for mayor and 137 for City Council) that were either no votes because they were cast for non-existent persons, voids where the name written in already had a place on the ballot or for single individuals, according to Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner Jennie H. Bacon.

Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Thomas A. Nichols posted on his Facebook page, on Election Night, the many steps left before the entire election can be certified.

First comes a recanvass and audit of all the material from each polling place.

“All recanvassing and auditing is conducted by bipartisan teams and overseen by outside watchers and the Commissioners of Elections,” Mr. Nichols wrote.

Before absentee and affidavit ballots can be counted all the envelope information from such ballots needs to be uploaded to a New York state database where the information is checked against voting records from other counties to check for dual votes and other irregularities.

Those ballots can’t be counted until Nov. 19, the deadline for uploading information to the database.

After the ballots are counted there is another local recanvass before the New York State Board of Elections checks everything again in bipartisan teams to confirm the county’s work is correct.

If all works out, Mr. Nichols wrote, final certification might come just before Thanksgiving.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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