Massena officials seeking use of larger garbage containers

Village of Massena officials are proposing a change to their solid waste regulation that would increase the allowable size of garbage cans from 32 gallons to 34 gallons. Bob Beckstead/Johnson Newspapers

MASSENA — Village of Massena officials are proposing a change in their solid waste regulations to allow use of a larger garbage container.

The maximum-sized container currently authorized is up to 32 gallons. With the proposed change, that would increase to 34 gallons.

Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire said the typical sizes that are found for sale are 32-gallon or in the 40-some-gallon range. The 40-gallon garbage containers are not allowable.

“It’s just too bulky. It’s not safe for our crew to be lifting and trying to negotiate on the road,” he said.

During a meeting regarding new recycling regulations in July 2015, Department of Public Works Superintendent Hassan A. Fayad had explained why there was a limit on the size of the garbage containers.

He said most residents were in compliance with the 32-gallon limit, but others were using 45-gallon containers, which presented problems for his employees. He said they can lift 32-gallon cans and dump the trash into the truck, but must reach into the 45-gallon cans to grab garbage bags, creating a liability if they encounter items such as hypodermic needles.

Mr. LeBire said it recently came to his attention that 34-gallon containers were also available locally.

“They’re not as mainstream as the 32 gallons. Some people have bought it assuming it’s the smaller one,” Mr. LeBire said.

He said there were enough 34-gallon containers in the community that it merited revisiting the code to address it. He talked with Mr. Fayad and other individuals involved with the village’s solid waste program about expanding the limit to 34 gallons.

“We don’t think it would be a safety code issue if we amended the code. It’s going up a couple of gallons. It would not jeopardize safety,” he said.

Trustees will take public comments on the proposed change at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 17, before their regular monthly meeting.

The gist of it

n WHAT: Village of Massena officials are proposing a change to their solid waste regulations

n THE CHANGE: They want to amend the regulation to increase the maximum size of allowable garbage containers from 32 gallons to 34 gallons

n WHEN: They’ll hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 17 to take comments on the proposal

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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A Dodger

Maybe update your trash trucks to handle modern containers. It's very difficult for large families to keep trash down to 32 or 34 gallons a week. 2 gallons is hardly a concession or bonus on the villages part. Is it really about liability or is the size limit just a way for the village to keep landfill and hauling costs lower ????

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