MASSENA — Village of Massena officials are applying for a Community Development Block Grant to help the Massena Housing Authority rehabilitate elevators at one of its senior complexes.

Village trustees received no comments during a public hearing held Tuesday afternoon, and board members unanimously approved a resolution to move forward with the application for funding under the Community Development Block Grant Public Facilities program.

Mary Elman, acting executive director at the Massena Housing Authority, said elevators at Laurel Terrace were in need of rehabilitation.

“Our elevators at Laurel Terrace are very old and they are in desperate need of rehabilitation,” she said.

Ms. Elman said, if they receive the grant funding, they plan to use their funds as well to rehabilitate and modernize the elevators.

“They break down frequently and with this money the plan is that we would modernize and rehab them,” she said. “On behalf of the 102 residents at Laurel Terrace, I know they would be quite pleased if this were to actually happen.”

She said she wanted to publicly acknowledge the support of the village in applying for the grant funding.

Mayor Timmy J. Currier said they had been looking for potential opportunities in the community that could be used in the application for the Community Development Block Grant.

“This is something that has been on the list,” he said.

The Community Development Block Grant program is administered by the New York state Office of Community Renewal and will make available to eligible local governments up to $20 million for the 2019 program year for housing, economic development, public facilities, public infrastructure and planning activities. The purpose is to benefit low or medium income individuals.

The resolution authorizes Mr. Currier to submit the grant application on behalf of the village for an amount not to exceed $300,000.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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