Massena OKs purchase of police computers

MASSENA — Village trustees have authorized Police Chief Adam J. Love to transfer funds from a contingency account to his police equipment account to cover the cost of replacing computers with operating systems that will no longer be supported in January.

The money will cover the cost of seven new computers that run on the Windows 7 operating system.

The money had not been budgeted in the department’s 2019-20 spending plan because village officials were unaware of the issue until informed by an information technology representative.

Trustees had been asked in June to allow Chief Love to transfer the funds, but delayed their decision until they could look at possible cost-saving measures.

“We wanted to take the extra month.. because we like to watch every penny that we spend to see if that was indeed the best quote. We asked some questions about specs to make sure we’re not going to be in a jam in a couple of years the way technology is,” Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire said.

The police department has other computers, but only seven of them need to be replaced. The remaining computers are new enough that they can be upgraded to a new version through a software upgrade.

“We have a little more wiggle room. They can be easily upgraded in the future. We’re going to do a little more investigation,” Mr. LeBire said.

Town of Massena officials are facing the same dilemma with some of their computers.

“Those computers we’re looking to replace are still Windows 7. After January first, we’re not going to have any updates or anything to do with that. The bottom line is they have to replaced. We’re trying to run a $10 million business here. We can’t have computers that are going to be outdated,” Councilman Thomas C. Miller said.

Seven computers can be upgraded, he said, while the rest will need to be replaced.

In addition to approving the expense for the computer replacements, trustees also agreed during their recent meeting to solicit bids for a Massena Volunteer Fire Department breathing air compressor, which Trustee Francis J. Carvel said was 30 years old and “on its last leg.”

“It’s slowly falling apart. It’s getting to the point of no return,” fire department Foreman Aaron Hardy said, adding that it’s becoming harder to find parts.

He said the equipment is used by not only the Massena Volunteer Fire Department, but also other departments in the area.

“We’d really like to get on top of this and get something in place that meets the current industry standards before this thing falls apart,” Mr. Hardy said.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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