POTSDAM — Town residents have until July 19 to review a draft of a town comprehensive plan and give input on what they believe goals of the town should be.

For nearly two years, Town Councilwoman Rosemarie Rivezzi has been working on a preliminary draft of a town comprehensive plan with a hope to have it completed in the fall.

There will be opportunities for more input at a public hearing this fall.

“We had lots of meetings in the beginning,” Ms. Rivezzi said. “We had another session of meetings where people were making comments and kind of prioritizing things that they thought were good about it.”

The 51-page plan, with a goal of guiding the decisions of the Potsdam community, gives information about the town today and outlines a vision for the future with long range goals and objectives, the document states.

It is still in the editing stage, Ms. Rivezzi said. She is gathering input and ideas from anyone who is interested in looking it over and providing information.

A PDF of the draft plan is posted on the town website’s homepage, on the left side, in a section labeled “Documents.”

“So people can look at it and if they have a change to recommend or a comment to make or a question, my email is on the website and they can email me,” Ms. Rivezzi said.

According to the draft, the document is not definitive by any means, as there will be concerns that need further study and new challenges that will arise. It is intended to be a working document to guide future development by giving direction to the Potsdam Town Board.

“So it’s still being addressed and I keep editing it as people give me either other ideas, better wording, a goal that they think feels is better someplace else,” Ms. Rivezzi said.

The current draft of the plan has been guided by initiatives and resources, such as Climate Smart Communities, Complete Streets and Development Authority of the North Country, based on their potential to aid in the development of the goals presented by way of recommendations as well as potential funding sources.

n Current goals listed in the draft include:

n Promote and protect agricultural activity in prime soil areas;

n Preserve natural resources and open spaces;

n Promote Potsdam as a place that is welcoming to business;

n Encourage and attract agricultural producers; and

n Market the town of Potsdam as a home base for tourists to the region.

Before the goals, in each section, is background information that lists the assets we have as a community, concerns about some of the different aspects of that topic, Ms. Rivezzi said.

“If people go to the document, it explains what a comprehensive plan is and there is a section explaining the process and then each of the sections is there that they can look at,” Ms. Rivezzi said. “And if people have other background information that they think should be included in there, that they think I left out, definitely let me know.”

Once the document is completed and approved by the board, it is meant to be a living document, not one that lives on a shelf, Ms. Rivezzi said.

“We’ll kind of prioritize our goals and who might be willing to tackle that particular goal,” she said. “So it’s not something that sits on the shelf. It’s something that gets used by the board.

“I just want to try to capture what Potsdam is, what there is here and what information we have,” she said.

To review the document, visit http://potsdamny.us and send any comments, questions, or suggestions to Rose Rivezzi at rrivezzi@gmail.com by July 19.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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