Subsidized apartment complex to close

Owners Clayton Improvement Association has announced Regis Courts in Deferiet will be closing.

DEFERIET — The owner of Regis Court Apartments will soon close the complex due to its costs and plans to work with existing tenants to find them new homes.

The Clayton Improvement Association said in a statement it can no longer keep up with the increasing operating costs, prompting it to shutter the subsidized apartments at an as-yet-undetermined date.

Tenants, who occupy 10 of the 14 units, will receive time and financial assistance to find new homes.

“The current conditions at Regis Court are not consistent with the quality of housing we strive to provide for our tenants,” the group said. “We will be working with the current tenants to assist them with finding safe and affordable housing once they leave Regis Court.”

The association has managed Regis Court for about 20 years and assumed ownership about 10 years ago.

Executive Director Kristi P. Dippel said the association stopped accepting tenants a couple months ago because of its concerns with rising operational costs. The group has not yet established a required move-out date for tenants because it wants to ensure they have enough time and assistance to relocate, Ms. Dippel said, adding that it would be no sooner than 60 days from now.

Tenants will also receive financial aid for their moving expenses.

“This was a very difficult decision to make and it’s something we didn’t want to do,” Ms. Dippel said.

The Clayton Improvement Association provides affordable housing to low- and moderate-income people and supports community renewal projects throughout northern Jefferson County.

It also manages French Bay Family Housing, French Bay Elder Housing and Riverview Apartments, all in Clayton, and Kamargo Apartments, Black River, and Antwerp Senior Housing.

“It’s disheartening,” said Mayor Janet M. Zando. “It’s another blow to Deferiet. I feel very sorry for the tenants who will be displaced because of this. I am hopeful they will find a buyer for the building.”

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