Because there’s no Cult of Cuomo, New York Attorney General Leticia James (the Democrat who reported a potential scandal) hasn’t been censured by the state party. Democrats aren’t screaming “fake news” when the Washington Post ran an analysis exposing Cuomo’s inconsistencies and supporting a… Read More ⇒

I was dismayed to see that your choice for your primary front-page story for the Feb. 21 edition of the Watertown Daily Times was about the toilet farms in Potsdam. What was your thought process there? Did you feel you needed local color for the front page? Read More ⇒

In the last several weeks, President Joe Biden has reversed — or put on hold — many of the Trump administration’s immigration and border security policies. No one doubts that the new team is scouring the field, looking for other Trump administration policies and initiatives to cancel. But su… Read More ⇒

Elise Stefanik won re-election to Congress on one of the widest margins of any race in the country. Why? Because the people of the north country know how committed she is to upstate success. They also know that she represents the views of most upstate New York residents even if it means she … Read More ⇒

The Watertown Daily Times should do its job and present the background information needed to properly judge the action taken by Gov. Andrew Cuomo requiring nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients from hospitals. Cuomo has made two statements critical to a fair judgment of the policy. Read More ⇒

As many Americans have did, I watched the second impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, former president of the United States. At one point a commentator made a statement that I believe he attributed to Donald Trump Jr. during his speech on the morning of Jan. 6. Donald Jr. referred to the … Read More ⇒

NEW YORK — Black History Month challenges all of us to learn, reflect and understand many things about the Black American experience, among them the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This outrage, perpetrated by the U.S. Public Health Service, was not conducted for a year or even a decade — it went o… Read More ⇒

OGDENSBURG — International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1799 President Jason Bouchard and his uncle, retired Ogdensburg Assistant Fire Chief Ronald Bouchard, enjoy the freedom of writing near fictional versions of the events regarding the ongoing staffing dispute between the city of Og… Read More ⇒

Ogdensburg Firefighters Local 1799 is happy to welcome back two members who had been unnecessarily laid off Jan. 1by city leaders. While we are glad to see firefighters Aaron Charlton and Timothy Stevenson return to duty, we are still disappointed one of our brothers remains unemployed at th… Read More ⇒

As we all know, this COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do everything, including our daily living. We, at Back the Pack, have also dealt with many changes trying to run our program! We have endured and managed to get our food, pack our weekend packs and distribute them. Our members hav… Read More ⇒

The Town of Louisville is actively working on taking over the Massena Country Club and its operation starting as soon as possible. They have alluded to the fact that there will be no tax payer money used in this endeavor. Where is the funding coming from to support this country club? Certain… Read More ⇒