Questions about the reliability of vote totals have been growing since the Florida fiasco in 2000, and they have reoccurred since — first after Russian interference in 2016, and again now that the Iowa caucuses appear headed for at least a partial recanvass. Iowa looks like a unique screw-up… Read More ⇒

I have been reading the letters regarding the funding of the Massena/Louisville library system. Some of the writers believe that a well-funded library is a luxury, not a necessity. My initial response was thinking about the ignorance of citizens regarding libraries in 2020. Then, I thought, … Read More ⇒

Joe Biden is against Medicare for All, and maybe that’s enough reason to vote for him. But understand, too, that he wants to both eliminate and raise the capital gains tax, that he leaves sentences dangling without an end and that his disregard for political correctness borders on an impeach… Read More ⇒

I watched the recent news clip of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik defending President Donald Trump’s withholding of aid to Ukraine based on his concerns about government corruption. She opined “the president has the right to withhold aid if he believes it will be used corruptly and not for its inte… Read More ⇒

This year the Census Bureau will begin conducting the constitutionally required census, which takes place every 10 years. Many readers will dutifully fill out the forms, informing the bureau about their household and providing researchers with data. In May, the bureau will begin visiting tho… Read More ⇒