I’m writing today with a suggestion for resolution of economic issues in today’s unusual situation. In the 1970s in Indiana, I belonged to La Leche League (nursing mother’s group). It wasn’t just about mothering issues but also about the family’s economy and about getting all mother’s respon… Read More ⇒

About 30 years ago, I lost the health care coverage provided by my employer and had to shop in the “free market” for a plan I could afford. Problem was, I had several pre-existing conditions: congenital nerve deafness, a history of endometriosis (and a subsequent hysterectomy) and a sprained… Read More ⇒

Since the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests against systemic racism, we have seen a renewed call for the removal of certain historic symbols and commemorative statues. It is significant to know that the Confederate statues were not built at the end of the Civil War but in the la… Read More ⇒

I write to you today to express my sincere concerns regarding the Democratic challenger for the 21 st Congressional District, Tedra Cobb. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has done an exemplary job fighting for the north country and working to accurately represent our district in Washington. Tedra Co… Read More ⇒

What do we know about our leaders? Those we have learned to respect have lives and actions taken apart by history. We find people now looking down on so many that did bad and good but led the nation to keep it whole when issues could have broken it apart. Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has recently been accused of not defending the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the quote literally stated that she is wiping her backside with it. It appears to me that the “wannabe” politician who made that statement [Tedra Cobb] has not done her homework or research in… Read More ⇒

In these unprecedented and confusing times, our inept governor has gone rogue and is on a mission to reimagine education for the state of New York. Partnering with Bill Gates, it appears that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in favor of making education more remote and more reliant on devices. While Cuo… Read More ⇒

Much residential wastewater treatment needs updating in Clayton and Jefferson county. This winter, I requested the Clayton Town Board to consider a sewer district in my home area, off Route 12 along May Irwin Road. Dangerously high water in both 2017 and 2019 called into question the use of … Read More ⇒

Time after time, we hear some sort of sentiment that claims to never forget our military men and women. Whether they paid the ultimate sacrifice or need our help when they return home from overseas, we are charged to never forget our heroes and aid however we can. Read More ⇒

While we agree that most Democrats are not socialists, to say nothing of the Democratic Party as an institution, which is fully committed not only to exploitative capitalism but U.S. imperialism as well, we are dismayed by the caricature of “socialism” offered in the letter: “Democrats are n… Read More ⇒

Ever since Nov. 8, 2016, it has felt like things would continue to get worse before they got better — and this has come to fruition. It feels more so like that today than any of the 1,200-plua days previous to this. And sadly, tragically, it’s difficult to imagine the depths to which we migh… Read More ⇒

If you are driving by a hayfield at 60 mph, you might notice how green it is and how the wind makes it move in waves like the ocean. It will cross your mind that this is a beautiful sight. If you stop your car and walk into the meadow, you will notice all the colors besides green. Orange haw… Read More ⇒

As both a New Yorker and resident of the north country, I fully support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s call to investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his outrageous executive order that put our most vulnerable at risk. Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home policy has truly become his administration’s most catas… Read More ⇒

The vulgar, disgusting language being used by congressional candidate Tedra Cobb is highly inappropriate and unbecoming of someone seeking office. Ms. Cobb attacked President Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik and accused them of using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper; however, M… Read More ⇒

Nobody can deny that these are some of the most challenging times that American’s have faced. In less than a year we have witnessed our country basically shut down due to a virus, sent ablaze by rioters, and have seen our small businesses either looted or abandoned by our governor. When face… Read More ⇒

Earlier this year, residents of the Massena Central School District petitioned the Board of Education to place before voters a proposition to establish a school district public library. Passage of this proposition would have ensured the continuation of a financially stable library in our community. Read More ⇒

In this time of uncertainty, it is especially important to take care of our mental health. That is why I will be took part in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s virtual 2020 Advocacy Forum on Monday. As part of the event, I along with thousands of advocates across the country r… Read More ⇒

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s latest outage is her full-throated support of Dear Leader Donald’s walk in the park on June 1, the area of Lafayette Square between Fort White House (which the Donald would probably like to rename after a Confederate general) and St. John’s Episcopal Church. Read More ⇒

Ever since Elise Stefanik earned the right to represent NY-21 in 2014, she has shown real results for constituents in the north country. From touring factories to hosting town halls for local businesses, she has shown her genuine compassion and commitment to north country commerce. Read More ⇒

The Potsdam Food Co-op would like to thank its staff members for all their hard work and dedication. We’d also like to thank you, our local community, for your continued support during this pandemic — not just for your patronage but for the emotional support as well. Read More ⇒

To ever get elected, politicians need to think positively about themselves as should everyone. However, for President Donald Trump to believe he is crossed between a Supreme Being (the Chosen One) and Albert Einstein (the Stable Genius) takes ego to another level. Read More ⇒

As you know, recently a huge spike in overdoses, underage drinking and substance has occurred. Losing friends, families, and loved ones is the harsh reality of a continuing problem. Now take a moment to close your eyes and picture that this could be a friend, family member, loved one or even… Read More ⇒

On June 6, 1944, U.S. forces joined with other countries to stand up to the tyranny of Germany’s dictator who squelched its dissenting citizens and forged the extermination of various religions and nationalities. We honored these heroes for fighting against oppression and injustice. Standing… Read More ⇒