On Nov. 2, I urge you to voice approval of and provide continuing support for the hard-working, talented and very successful Canton town and village leadership. The leadership group of both the town and village has accumulated a growing list of achievements that continue to improve the safet… Read More ⇒

Please vote Mary Ann Ashley for Canton town supervisor, and Martha Foley-Smith, Dave Nelson and Jim Smith for Canton Town Board. As elected officials, they will work for the people and make decisions that are in the best interests of the entire community. Read More ⇒

Local government needs people who know the challenges our community members are facing and who are willing to dedicate their time to addressing these challenges. I am writing in support of David Nelson, a candidate for Canton Town Board. Read More ⇒

Although I do not reside in the town of Canton, I can speak to the qualifications of Town Supervisor Mary Ann Ashley. I have known her for more than 35 years personally and have had the privilege of working closely with her as mayor of the village of Canton and supervisor of the town of Canton. Read More ⇒

This letter is to address the many residents who have called upon all of the sitting councilors of Ogdensburg related to the libelous, rude, inciting, blatantly insolent and insubordinate comments made to upstanding citizens, local and county elected officials from City Manager Stephen Jelli… Read More ⇒

WWNY-TV/7 News recently aired another one of its hit pieces on U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik about raising the debt limit. Of course, they dragged Scott Atkinson out of the closet, sprayed him with Fabreze to get the moth ball smell off and let him rant. As usual, Scott raced so far to the left h… Read More ⇒

As a Watertown resident and voter, I will be casting my vote for Amy Horton. Amy’s motivation, dedication and a love for our community has been well documented over the past several months. She has the heart of a public servant and will represent our community well. Read More ⇒

I am writing to share my strong support for Amy Horton to fill the two-year vacancy on Watertown City Council. I have known Amy for a number of years and can say unequivocally that she is the right person for the job. Amy is a young professional who cares about her community and gives 100 pe… Read More ⇒

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Cancer Prevention in Action Program is encouraging employers to help employees stay up to date with cancer screening such as mammograms by adding a benefit for paid time off for cancer screenings. Read More ⇒