An old adage goes: “You can tell a person’s character by the company they keep.” Did “Back the Blue unless it’s a coup” Elise Stefanik travel to Mar-a- Lago for a fundraising event or to hone her non-truth skills from the former liar-in-chief? Read More ⇒

While the world looks to the coming Winter Olympics in Beijing, it is reminiscent of the 1936 Olympics in Munich. While everyone will be busy rooting for their favorite athlete or sport, the Chinese communists will be busy silencing another journalist or “re-educating” another Muslim or Christian. Read More ⇒

Going about my abbreviated weekly routine of grocery shopping, bottle return, hardware store, auto repair shop, feed store, bank, diner, I find an array of inconsistent public health guidelines displayed, or not, at local businesses. I favorably and intentionally shop at local businesses tha… Read More ⇒

The state Department of Transportation in partnership with the village of Clayton has completed a project transforming the downtown functionally and aesthetically. The streetscape now complements the architecture of the historic riverfront; utilities located underground; and the obsolete wat… Read More ⇒

Now at the apex of our winter season, the idea of sustainable power is paramount to our safety and security. We do not have sustainable power. The grid is susceptible to blackout from several forms of nature, the suns chaotic rays and at the hands of rogue nations and individuals. Read More ⇒

It’s a shame that Sirhan B. Sirhan, the person framed for the assassination of beloved senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, is being allowed to rot in prison and denied parole while the evidence strongly points to another assassin. Read More ⇒

It has been a year since some of our fellow citizens were duped into believing a myth perpetrated on them that our elections were not legitimate. These individuals led by then-political leaders were encouraged to cause harm and damage on our Capitol and political leadership not aligned with … Read More ⇒