Those of us in the north country have been gifted with mountains, streams and a gorgeous lake. They are sources of recreation and spiritual sustenance — providing space to breathe, grow and honor nature. They fill us with awe and are vital to many livelihoods. Read More ⇒

I could not agree more with William Marks’s letter of March 20 (“Newspaper superior to other publications”). Our fair city is extremely fortunate to have the Watertown Daily Times. I look forward to the arrival of the Times on my doorstep every Tuesday through Sunday mornings. Read More ⇒

Media coverage about the experience of long-term care residents during the novel coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the need for these important individuals to be made aware of their rights and who they can turn to for assistance when concerns arise about the care in their facility. Read More ⇒

In response to March 30 letter headlined “Government should ban assault weapons,” I do not agree. The definition of an assault weapon is not clear in these bills being pushed in Congress. More gun deaths are from handguns, not semi-automatic or automatic rifles. Read More ⇒

Just as the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand in Europe is universally recognized as the trigger point that started World War 1, the trial of the murder of George Floyd can be the trigger point of another American revolution that many foreign nations want and also the white supremacists have… Read More ⇒