Michael Bloomberg is well-known for his philanthropy, and his dedication to causes such as reducing gun violence and reversing climate change appears entirely sincere. His tentative conclusion that his money and time might be best used running for president is faulty, as well as a regrettabl… Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Famous Republicans we once respected for their patriotism have been all over our news screens, appearing politically panicked — even unglued — over truths we’ll all finally be able to see and hear for ourselves [this] week. Read More ⇒

My 95-year-old mother was in rehab at the Samaritan Keep for a urinary tract infection she suffered on Columbus Day weekend. Due to this, she was unable to hand out treats at her door in Dexter and was saddened at the thought of missing out on seeing all of the trick-or-treaters. Read More ⇒

I attended U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s Coffee with Your Congresswoman event on Oct. 11 at the Malone AMVETS, and I was disgusted by what I heard. At that time, Stefanik was in the early stages of testing out her talking point that what she had learned of President Donald Trump’s actions with … Read More ⇒

Alleged, debunked, discredited are three words unheard and unprinted during two and a half years of Russian collusion investigations or Brett Kavanaugh hearings, yet you seldom hear a story about Joe and Hunter Biden together without one of these adjectives. Read More ⇒

There are three paths before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when it comes to any articles of impeachment the House of Representatives eventually sends the Senate’s way. One is short: a quick dismissal by the Senate of the House charges. One is long: an extensive trial that would let … Read More ⇒

“Suburbs” covers a wide array of locales. It can conjure up images of leafy neighborhoods, deep front yards and two-car homes. These suburbanites think of themselves as “upper middle class” but occupy the top 5% of earners. These are one- or two-professional-parent households trying to save … Read More ⇒

In the past weeks and months, you may have been aware of more news from the Massena Public Library. You have learned that MPL is seeking to become a school district public library. As the Board of Trustees of one of Massena’s finest educational assets and a center of many community events, w… Read More ⇒

I am always amazed by the unique social and recreational resources found in communities across Northern New York as well as the lengths that dedicated individuals go to keep them alive. These are assets that strengthen our communities and contribute to what makes this such a great place to live. Read More ⇒

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Oct. 30 announcement of support for an early closure to this year’s shipping season is welcome news for riparians and businesses along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. An early closure would allow the International Joint Commission to increase the outflow rates up… Read More ⇒

I continue to be disappointed by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s unwavering support of President Donald Trump. A representative’s oath of office and very first duty is to uphold the U.S. Constitution and defend our democracy from internal and external threats. It is not to defend a president whos… Read More ⇒

Since 1962, individuals, families and businesses in search of justice in New York have had to navigate a uniquely complicated trial court structure that includes a Supreme Court, a Court of Claims, 57 county courts, 58 family courts, 62 surrogate’s courts and 61 city courts outside New York City. Read More ⇒