Joe Biden is against Medicare for All, and maybe that’s enough reason to vote for him. But understand, too, that he wants to both eliminate and raise the capital gains tax, that he leaves sentences dangling without an end and that his disregard for political correctness borders on an impeach… Read More ⇒

This year the Census Bureau will begin conducting the constitutionally required census, which takes place every 10 years. Many readers will dutifully fill out the forms, informing the bureau about their household and providing researchers with data. In May, the bureau will begin visiting tho… Read More ⇒

It could almost have been “Saturday Night Live,” satire intended for giggles instead of what was hypocritically intended. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a speech about impeaching President Trump and cited a Longfellow poem, saying, “Listen my children and you will hear/Of the midnight ride … Read More ⇒

HARTFORD, Conn. (Tribune News Service) — On the evening of Jan. 16, 1991, I sat between my fiancé, Michael, and my father on a coral-silk brocade couch in Palm Beach as we watched television in my aging uncle’s claustrophobically small and poorly air-conditioned living room. We were in Flori… Read More ⇒