A mob’s assault on our Capitol was primed by President Donald Trump’s relentless election disinformation and tweets like “Be there, will be wild,” leading to calls of “occupying” the Capitol. With thousands gathered, Trump repeated claims dismissed by dozens of American courts and directed t… Read More ⇒

TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE — In the thousands of books certain to be written about President Donald Trump, the first chapters will almost surely begin with the climax, his last days in office, his refusal to concede electoral defeat and a rally that led to a riot, a Washington, D.C., horror show. Read More ⇒

As we turn to a new year, the spotlight shines on the new president and the new administration. Even as he assumes center stage in Washington, profound questions still remain about Joe Biden’s plans. His initial appointments have been solid, diverse, experienced and capable, drawn overwhelmi… Read More ⇒

NEW YORK — The last two U.S. presidents repeatedly stretched the powers of their office to set policies that Congress had refused to enact. Instead of following their example, President-elect Joe Biden should work with Congress to bring the branches of the federal government to a better balance. Read More ⇒