Michael Bloomberg is well-known for his philanthropy, and his dedication to causes such as reducing gun violence and reversing climate change appears entirely sincere. His tentative conclusion that his money and time might be best used running for president is faulty, as well as a regrettabl… Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Famous Republicans we once respected for their patriotism have been all over our news screens, appearing politically panicked — even unglued — over truths we’ll all finally be able to see and hear for ourselves [this] week. Read More ⇒

There are three paths before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when it comes to any articles of impeachment the House of Representatives eventually sends the Senate’s way. One is short: a quick dismissal by the Senate of the House charges. One is long: an extensive trial that would let … Read More ⇒

“Suburbs” covers a wide array of locales. It can conjure up images of leafy neighborhoods, deep front yards and two-car homes. These suburbanites think of themselves as “upper middle class” but occupy the top 5% of earners. These are one- or two-professional-parent households trying to save … Read More ⇒

CNN reported on Friday, “The opening statement of Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, is ‘reverberating’ on Capitol Hill among Republicans, according to GOP Hill sources, who told CNN that Taylor’s testimony is a game changer in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.” Read More ⇒

When I was about 8 years old I wrote my first fan letter, to Roald Dahl, for “Danny, the Champion of the World.” Not knowing where to find the author, I addressed the envelope to “Roald Dahl, England,” and added extra postage stamps. Read More ⇒

Donald Trump reversed his decision to host next June’s G-7 meeting of heads of state at Trump National Doral Miami because it would have been an impeachable offense and a violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clauses. Read More ⇒

My friend “Nan” is planning her wedding and asked if I, along with our friends, would be bridesmaids. Fast-forward a few months: The bride-to-be is now pregnant. We’re having our first get-together as a bridal party, and she wants us to serve only nonalcoholic “mocktails” for our girls’ nigh… Read More ⇒