The American Cemetery at Normandy sits on a bluff overlooking the beach where, on June 6, 1944, American soldiers waded ashore to begin the invasion of France. The old battlefield is marked with shell craters and gun pits offering mute testimony to the fury of that day. In the cemetery itsel… Read More ⇒

Oct. 12 — After breakfast, we stopped at the town of Grindavik at the Search and Rescue operation there. All of their services are free, including helicopter services if needed, supported by funding by local businesses and patrons. After our briefing, we were outfitted with coveralls and hel… Read More ⇒

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Tribune News Service) — President Donald Trump is pressuring Attorney General William Barr to announce the results of the ongoing Russia probe, which would violate Department of Justice guidelines designed to prevent the department from influencing elections. Read More ⇒

Oct. 8 — Icelanders have found many uses for the cheap, if not free, energy available from their geothermal sources. Our first stop was at an area where pits dug in the ground are used for baking bread. In our instance, a representative of a local restaurant greeted us and demonstrated how t… Read More ⇒

TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE — John Lewis, at the age of 80, has died, and one result is remembrances of his life, his courage, his Christian faith, his sacrifices and his dedication to nonviolence as one of the foremost civil rights leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries. Peace and love resided in … Read More ⇒