WASHINGTON — It’s hard to hear the truth, especially when it flies in the face of stories you have been told since you were born. The truth can shock a person, usually leaving them with one of two choices — either defend the status quo or be open to additional facts. Read More ⇒

“You say, ‘Away with you Communists.’ We say, ‘Away with you imperialists.’ Sometimes we say things like that. It would not do not to do that.” That was Mao Zedong speaking to Henry Kissinger in 1973. The candid and sweeping admission by Mao, who in President Xi Jinping now has a successor o… Read More ⇒

Paul Tough’s important new book on the broken promises of higher education begins with a chapter that he succeeds in making as suspenseful as the prologue of any serial-killer novel and as heart-rending as the climax of an epic romance. It describes a high school senior who is waiting to hea… Read More ⇒

Life in the north country is such a joy for a number of reasons including wonderful friends and this week, especially, blue skies and sunshine filled days. (I realize it does rain, but that is nothing compared to the hurricane forces others in this country are experiencing.) Among the wonder… Read More ⇒

Apparently, President Donald Trump will lie about anything. He lies that his wife has gotten to know North Korea President Kim Jong Un. They’ve never met. He lies that Russia was excluded from the Group of Eight (now Group of Seven) because Vladimir Putin got the better of former president B… Read More ⇒

My husband and I have been married for 16 years. His ex was supposed to pay child support, but didn’t. He worked in his career for only one year after we married and since then has held menial jobs, which have kept his future retirement intact. I have provided him and his children a home for… Read More ⇒