An Occasional Word: Get out!

White trillium. Photo by Chris Rediehs

It’s the colors that stay with me. The azure North Country sky. The solid tan of a long-unused logging road. The greys of certain birds, and of rock outcrops. The white of paper birches; the black of bloodthirsty black flies. The rich dark green of conifers, the amber of last fall’s white pine needles. And the leaves, all those adolescent leaves, closer to shades of yellow than green this time of year, some even sporting crimson.

The rest of nature’s palette lay at our feet: blue cohosh; white and red trillium; purple, white and striped violets; wild ginger; bellflower and three kinds of sedges; toothwort and miterwort; dutchman’s breeches, foam flower and spring beauty; members of the yellow family, wood violets, trout lily, marsh marigold, dandelions; and ostrich fern of fiddlehead fame.

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