Reckless driving isn’t worth the trouble it causes

The Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement law recently went into effect. It uses cameras to document instances of drivers speeding through state work zones. Screenshot

WATERTOWN — Having learned how to operate a vehicle on the streets of Chicago, drivers rarely engage in behavior that surprises me.

You need to develop sharp skills to keep safe when navigating the Windy City’s roadways. Merging into another lane of traffic across a four- or five-lane interstate requires quick reflexes and steady nerves — particularly during Rush Hour.

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You honked your horn to say, duh, the light is green. While you may have been annoyed by the other driver's delay, the situation was not hazardous.

However, it was seriously hazardous when the other driver began moving through the next light, which was red. You didn't honk your horn when you should have honked it long, loud and aggressively. While it alarmed you, you just sat there and watched.

Horns are for bringing attention to hazardous situations and hopefully preventing catastrophes. They aren't for expressing our mundane annoyances.


We need AI robot cameras everywhere. All violations should be punished. That would do two things quick. 1. driving would improve 2. Laws would change.

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