It’s the guns and mental health issues. And sadly, government can’t fix it

A Colt 9mm pistol on display at an NRA event on April 11, 2015. Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

FORT WORTH, Texas (Tribune News Service) — I am always amazed when, in the aftermath of a mass shooting such as the tragedy in Allen, Texas, both political parties expect their overly simplistic explanations to be taken seriously, their anemic policy proposals accepted as dependable solutions.

“It’s the guns!” cries the left, recommending restrictions.

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We're going through a period of rapid transformation and both individuals and institutions aren't adapting rapidly enough. But the phenomenon of people going berserk is ancient, has always existed when society as a whole wasn't in transition, because there are always smaller scale things to destabilize people's lives. Large scale adaptation will help, but not eliminate that element of the problem. As for the other end, government is a monopoly on violence. No other institution can address violence.

hermit thrush

anyone who is even slightly serious about this issue should ask why every other "developed" country in the world has so much less gun violence than we do. different results are very possible!

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