Overdue, can’t miss OFA Hockey Reunion set July 30

A special jersey can now be ordered for the OFA Hockey Reunion and the Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival.

It is an Ogdensburg tradition to hold reunions during the Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival time of the summer.

A highly-anticipated reunion will take place on July 30 beginning at 6 p.m. at Jerry “Satch” Sawyer’s “Prison Island” home on the St. Lawrence River. It will be an OFA-Ogdensburg Hockey reunion highlighting the 1985 OFA team which reached the state finals, the 1973 Ogdensburg Minor Hockey Bantams of who the state championship and the Minor Hockey Midget team which won the state title in 1973.

Former OFA and Minor Hockey coaches Don Clark and Dave Barlow will be there as featured guests along with several other people involved with OFA and Ogdensburg Minor Hockey over the decades. Various teams will be recognized going back through the decades.

There will be Pre-Game Warm-Up at 6 p.m. and a ceremonial puck drop at 7:02 p.m.

“We have been secretly planning this since January and all are welcome to attend” said Rich Garvey who is one the prime organizers of the event.

“It is a BYOT party and we want to everyone wearing a hockey jersey and having a great time.”

Coach Clark will be there as Featured Guest along with Coach Barlow and others.”

The organizers are planning a carnival-like atmosphere with several contests planned such as an accuracy shooting contest, a hardest shot contest and possibly a dunk booth where pucks are shot at a target to trigger the dunk.

Video Presentations and old OFA hockey games and other events from YouTube are also planned.

“We started The Friends of OFA Hockey Facebook Page to get Oburg peeps excited about where we came from, post pics in a public forum that we can preserve and recognize our school, and it’s coaches, players, parents and fans as well as, build momentum for this far too long overdue reunion,” said Garvey.

“Truth be told, Don Clark came to Satch about four years ago and dropped off a treasure trove of old clippings and asked how come The Boys never got together for a Reunion of some kind.

Satch also told me he sees Coach Barlow at SLU games during the winter months and that coach always wishes he could see The Boys all together one more time. We were ramping up the courage to organize something at end of 2019 for last summer but that was lost to Covid. Now we decided that this is the time.”


A special OFA jersey is now on sale for the reunion and the seaway festival and orders can be made by messaging Rich Garvey on facebook at a cost of $50.

The jersey is made of super lightweight material like a thin long sleeve golf pullover.

The design elements combined different OFA jerseys over the years.

A 1970’s style font for the OFA, a 1980s style striping, a 1990s inspired white underarms, a 21st century “Blue Devils and Eyes” logo with a Section 10 patch all on the front side. An Ogdensburg Minor Hockey Logo and three New York State Championship patches will appear on the back with North American Flags on Hockey Sticks just below the collar representing Ogdensburg’s border town roots.

An original 1972-1973 OMHA Golden Dome Patch will appear on the right sleeve commemorating the first season in the home rink and representing the common bond between local youth hockey and high school hockey.

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