COLTON — Does Gov. Andrew Cuomo really want to stay put in the governor’s mansion for eight more years, as he has said, or is he planning a move to the White House?

He is backing Joe Biden, but does Biden really have the broad support of Democratic voters that the polls suggest? Given the party’s peculiar brand of identity politics, can it stomach such a glaringly white candidate?

Of course, Cuomo is white, too, but not as white as Biden. With his milk-white skin and northern European features, Biden belongs to that enemy race that Malcolm X execrated in his message to the grassroots: blue eyes, blond hair, pale skin — the white man. He also is old, and Democrats are against anything that is old and abiding, especially old white men.

Cuomo has an olive complexion and Mediterranean features. He might even be taken for Middle Eastern. Much more so than Biden, he is what the Democrats have in mind when they talk about people who “look like America.” And he has the ethnic-sounding name, which he didn’t have to change to make himself sound more ethnic, as did Beto O’Rourke and Bill de Blasio.

Should Biden’s candidacy start to lose its luster, who but Cuomo would have the best chance of defeating President Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders’s socialism does not appeal to many Americans and is especially unattractive to those who have built up small or big businesses and do not want to see the fruits of their labor taken from them under an expropriate-the-productive scheme. And Sanders also is an old white man. And race matters, even that of a staunch socialist.

Beto O’Rourke is young and white, which is better than being old and white. But is his Great Apologizer routine endearing him to women voters? On “The View,” Beto’s cringing as he apologized over and over again to the women surrounding him was a sorry spectacle. Despite how much some of them might deny it, women are attracted to strength and power in a man: The cavewoman still wants the caveman; Jane still wants Tarzan. When you compare Beto’s performance to Trump’s virile presence and mastery of the situation on “The View” back in 2011, the difference is stark.

Elizabeth Warren is the poor woman’s Hillary Clinton. and let’s face it: The Democrats are not going to nominate a white woman for president in 2020. Warren, despite the history of high cheekbones in her family and her small amount of American Indian blood, can do nothing to obscure her European ancestry or her wholesome, Midwestern looks. She would have to get a lot of sun to be appealing to the Democrats.

Kamala Harris is in many ways the ideal Democratic candidate: Barack Obama + Hillary Clinton = Kamala Harris. And she is another candidate who for the Democrats “looks like America.”

It’s true that some people of color seem to feel that mixed-race, light-skinned Harris is not black enough. CNN’s Don Lemon is obsessed with the question of whether Harris is a bona-fide ADOS (American descendant of slavery). One black YouTube blogger complains: “You can’t run black and marry white.”

On Election Day, however, these racial niceties will be forgotten. Lyndon Johnson’s prediction about the enduring loyalty of people of color to the Democratic Party has held true.

But the Democrats will not run Harris against Trump when Cuomo is their best bet. As Cuomo’s vice presidential candidate, however, Harris would be ideal. She would mitigate Cuomo’s whiteness. And being from California, she would provide geographical balance to the ticket. And, of course, she is a woman.

It will truly be the battle of the Titans if Cuomo gets the nomination. Both he and Trump have been extraordinarily successful in life and are exceptionally self-confident; both have that Queens contentiousness. Both are driven and determined; Cuomo in particular has a reputation for political ruthlessness.

In his biography of the governor, “The Contender,” Michael Schnayerson quotes one of Cuomo’s advisers: “Andrew is like a younger brother to me. But if there’s ever a moment when he can take political advantage, he’ll cut someone off at the knees, me or anyone else.”

Trump wants to make America great again; Cuomo remarks dismissively that America was never that great. Trump is the spectacularly successful businessman; Cuomo is the consummate government bureaucrat.

Whoever the Democratic nominee will be, the real wild card in the election is not white Americans but first- and second-generation immigrants, a demographic the Democrats take for granted. Many of these immigrant families came from countries that have historically been riven by racial, ethnic and sectarian rivalries.

They came to America to escape that. Trump offers these immigrants an American identity. The Democrats offer them what they fled.

Kevin Beary is a Colton resident. He is a retired English professor who taught at the University of Florence in Italy.

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Mr Beary doesn't understand Democrats. Biden is in the lead in polls, but between them Warren and Sanders would have them beat, and when one of them drops out the other one gets all those votes. The minor candidates are going to drop out one by one and a front leader will emerge, but the drop out's votes will go to whoever was most like them, and Biden has most of his crowd locked up already. California is early, that will be huge and Biden won't do well there also. As for identify based stuff, almost anything will do, it's a bonus for most of us but not having that bonus isn't a deal breaker. In a run for president, since no woman has ever held the office just being female is enough to get the bonus this time (but it's not enough to run on and they're having the sense to not do so). Clinton was unique, and there's no demographic lesson to be learned, other than avoiding someone with baggage. Warren just checks all the boxes. She just totally needs to get a foreign policy because it's becoming real important and all her white papers are domestic. As for Cuomo as governor, though he's not perfect with some of the stuff that looks like pay to play and such, but he has a lot going for him. He may be reviled by Republicans for some of the progressive actions he's taken, but he's also reviled by the hard core progressives for not being hare brained enough, and in fact in overview the things he's done were examples of how to do these things, which have strong support in the state and will probably happen one way or another, right. Which is probably why he's reviled by Republicans actually. He wouldn't be a good choice for president but he's a great choice for governor, and the fact that he knows that is more scores in his favor. When he was acting like he was the bulwark against Trump, a while back, he wasn't running for president, he was doing what he saw as his duty, and Democrats know that and it's more points in his favor. For his current job. Also his eyes are a lovely color.


If Andrew Cuomo is the democratic nominee for president you can bet Donald Trump will stress, what has he done for New York, people are leaving the state. Just that one issue should put Mr Trump over the top. Got to stick with the president that put the nation to work. Trump 2020 MAGA.




Beary has some issues about his perspective of candidates and probably more concerning life in general. This "column" probably shouldn't be published the Times can do better.


..And this Mr Kevin Beary. is a or was a professor .. ,looking at America demographics on the basis of skin tone is why people like him are a big part of the problem in our country,.Instead of looking at someone for their deeds and qualifications and their character . he feeds the machine of hate,..I amlikeing Andrew Yang for President .,for his ideas and thoughts and the way he's been running so far , Not because he might look like he's of Asian decent , He doesn't he looks American to me ,but I don't wear the Rose colored glasses either.


Your rules say nothing racist. This is a skin color based evaluation of candidates. It reads like something a mental patient writes on the wall in their own fecal material.



hermit thrush

new website, same nonsense from kevin beary.


A Republican ranks Democratic Candidates by skin color. Again, this is a political analysis that one would expect from a mental patient. This is an unwitting portrait of rural paranoia and ignorance.


Well said. Does the Times feel that Beary's past experience as a college professor gives him a particular pulpit from which to issue pronouncements? My take is that instead he occupies a seat in the peanut gallery.


He was never a professor. He tutored English.


Shame on the staff for giving a voice to this racist lunatic. This is a black eye for the North Country. This reads like something a mental patient writes in their own fecal material on a wall

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