The top of this column informs readers it is a new month — the month of November began on Monday. There are always numerous designations for each month listed for the news media to center on and for our celebrations. Included in the November designation is Fun with Fondue Month, Aviation History Month and Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Among the designations is one I feel strongly about and would love to celebrate — November has also been designated as National Gratitude Month. When I clicked on the listing of the recommendations of how we could observe this month, the number one way is to start a gratitude journal.

Faithful readers of this column know by now I absolutely love writing in a Gratitude Journal. This has been mentioned numerous times in recent weeks. This week, though, I learned there are “Apps” for journaling — yes, there are actual gratitude journal apps. As I listened to a woman who had created a gratitude journal app, I decided this might be something I would enjoy and could share with column readers. I do use my iPad throughout the day and perhaps it would be a good thing to be able to record my gratitude in that manner on a regular basis.

I searched for gratitude apps on my iPad ruling out those that required monetary fees. I found two apps that were listed as “Free Apps.” I was ready to download these and begin my journaling online (although I must admit writing using a small keyboard is not an activity, I am particularly good at.)

The first online gratitude journal listed three things I was grateful for itemizing each one. When I listed something in each box provided, my iPad then asked me “why?” No, this was not journaling to me – I don’t feel answering a machine’s questions about my gratefulness is sharing my inner most thoughts about what I am grateful for. There was also no blank sheet of paper to write my thoughts on, only a designated box for a response to the questions asked.

Perhaps the other Gratitude Journal App would be perfect for journaling. This online “journal” looked impressive. As I clicked on each page filling out my name and details requested, a page appeared telling me I had a seven day “free trial.” After those seven days of free usage then I would be billed $30 annually for recording my gratitude online.

It didn’t take me long to know an online gratitude journal wasn’t for me. There are so many things I love about technology – being connected with family and friends especially this past year has been such a joy. But typing my gratitude on a flat screen at a charge of $30 per year is something I cannot do. Each was uninstalled before the seven-day trial period had expired!

I love to hold books in my hand for reading. And I know now I love to write with pen in hand in my journal that I can hold on my lap. Pictures can be glued on the pages for remembering and cards and notes placed within the pages. My thanks once again to my friend Sandra for her gift of a journal. Her thought of me with the journal means so much, each entry reminds me of dear friends and the kindness shown by the wonderful neighbors in the north country.

I would urge each of you to celebrate National Gratitude Month by starting a gratitude journal. And if an online journal is for you there are apps available – be warned, though, a “free” app may quickly turn into a trial period only with fees assessed. I am sure a journal can be purchased for less than the advertised app cost.


There were a few errands that needed to be run in Massena on Friday morning. Each errand was a stop at a different store for a needed item. It was my job to find an item needed in Walmart for a home improvement project the Gardener was involved with that day. I had another food item to purchase at Walmart and pictures to pick up so the shopping at that store was mine to complete.

I started down an aisle toward the paint and hardware section. Just as I entered the aisle there was a sales clerk – I had nearly run the poor man over, and I apologize for that.

He immediately smiled behind his mask and greeted me, “Well, Good Morning!”

I asked if he could please help me find the item I was looking for. Salesman Steve took me to the spot in the aisle where I could find exactly what I was looking for. How friendly, kind and helpful he was on a Friday morning. My thanks to Steve for his cheerfulness and kind assistance.

As I walked toward the car and pushed my cart into the cart rack nearby, I looked across the parking lot. Parking Associate (I have no idea what his official title is) Richard waved across the parking lot as he said, “good morning!” What a beautiful way to begin my day. Isn’t the north country a wonderful place to live and marvelous place to shop,and have carts returned expertly, on a Friday Morning? I certainly think so!


My calendar tells me that Nov. 7 is the day Daylight Saving Time ends. We are instructed to turn our clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. You may have a certain procedure you follow to make sure your clocks are adjusted to the right time. For most of us computers and digital clocks will change automatically.

The clocks in our home need the attention of The Clockman who will begin to stop and start cuckoo clocks and mantel clocks on Saturday so Sunday morning we will be able to be on time.

Sunday our clocks will be changed and with this time change I think our feline friend Tigger will finally be on time. Poor Tigger never made the time change in the spring. He has come each day since that change and will sit in front of me begging for his supper — yes, an hour earlier than the clock says he should. Hopefully Sunday evening we will all be on time.


“Always have an attitude of gratitude.” Sterling K. Brown

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