Jackie Harvey, a remarkable woman who lives in Fort Covington, will celebrate her 90th birthday Tuesday.

I have known Jackie and her beautiful family since we first moved to the north country. She actually taught our eldest son when he was a fourth-grade student at Salmon River Central School.

Jackie is one individual I don’t have a birthday listing for, but thankfully I received a telephone call this week from that elusive, anonymous source. I was told by a mutual friend that Jackie would be celebrating 90 years of life next week. I was also informed that she is a faithful reader of this column, so a birthday wish “Over Coffee” seemed appropriate.

As I visited with Jackie’s friends this week, I learned she had taught at the St. Regis Mohawk School and in St. Regis Falls before her teaching career as a fourth-grade teacher at Salmon River. She taught at St. Regis Falls before she was married, I was told. In fact, it was while she was teaching at St. Regis Falls that she first met her husband, William Harvey.

Jackie taught with Eunice Harvey, Bill Harvey’s sister. It was through that connection that she met and then married Bill Harvey. The Harveys have six children: five daughters and one son. (Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are also part of the Harvey family!)

Jackie is active in her church in Fort Covington and in the community. She has worked diligently to preserve the history of the town — serving as town historian and working with the Fort Covington Town Museum, which is located in the Town Hall. I even learned this week that a section of that town museum has been named for this extraordinary woman.

Jackie is not only concerned about the history of the town in which she lives but is interested in the history of neighboring towns, too. I had the pleasure of visiting with Jackie last year at the open house for the Bombay Town Museum. What a joy that time was!

My warmest wishes, Jackie, for a wonderful 90th birthday celebration. There are so many this week who join me in thanking you for all you have done for our children, your church and the community.

We wish you only the best as you celebrate your special day with family and friends. Happy Birthday, Jackie!


My thanks this week to cake decorator Sierra in the bakery at Walmart. A friend was celebrating her birthday Saturday, and I wanted a cake to make the celebration special.

There was a stop at the cake display in the bakery at Walmart with the hope one could be found for sharing at our choir rehearsal on Saturday (Yes, our Saturday morning choir loves to eat chocolate and celebrate birthdays, too!).

I found one cake — a chocolate one for decorating and candles. One person who would be sharing in the celebration is actually allergic to chocolate, so white cupcakes were needed, too. As I gave the cake to Sierra so she could write the name of the celebrant, I turned to pick out cupcakes and saw a cupcake cake.

I quickly asked Sierra if I could change my mind; she was so pleasant and agreeable, never criticizing me for the cake change. I have never seen a cupcake cake — it was wonderful and a hit at our birthday celebration. The cake is comprised of 12 white cupcakes and 12 chocolate with icing spread beautifully across the top so it gives the impression it is a cake.

Sierra pointed out there was no need for cutting and serving this cake. With cupcakes placed strategically on this cake, all that was needed to serve was to lift a cupcake for eating.

Sierra did a beautiful job writing my personalized birthday greetings. It was a fun and beautiful cake with an added plus — it was delicious! What fun. I would suggest you try a cupcake cake for your next celebration.


One of the absolute joys of sharing with you “Over Coffee” is hearing your comments and your similar experiences. Many of you commented about our visit to Eisenhower Lock.

A woman from Massena sent an email telling me she hadn’t visited the locks in years, but she added that she thought she should go and take her grandchildren. How wonderful! I applaud that trip and hope she will have a wonderful time watching the ships with her grandchildren.

One person remembered going to the locks to help with the selling of a book Nick Podgurski had written about the Seaway. I have tried to find that book this week and have not been successful. I will stop at the locks and the library so I can share that information with you.

I remember Nick Podgurski was an editor for the then-Massena Observer. He actually wrote a column: “This is a Column — with or without a Question Mark!”

My brother-in-law who lives in California was fascinated by the Seaway, too, and searched videos showing the workings of the locks. Perhaps a trip to the north country might be on his schedule!


There was a new offering at Subway this past week: a s’more cookie! By now you must know I have a love for s’mores and am always fascinated with any menu offering with that word and description as part of the menu item.

As I stood at the counter placing my order, I noticed a huge poster advertising a s’more cookie. I must say it was delicious — filled with both the chocolate and marshmallow flavors. Nothing surpasses the original, though, with a carefully toasted marshmallow over the campfire!


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intent.”

— Kahlil Gibran

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