The purrrrrrr-fect sounds

Ellen Emery

The Advance News on July 28 included a photograph of a ribbon cutting for a new shop in downtown Massena.

As I scanned the caption for information on this new store, I noticed two familiar names. Jim and Denise Raymo-Murphy are the owners of The Shop Around the Corner and were pictured at the ribbon cutting! I was so pleased to learn there was a new shop in downtown Massena and absolutely thrilled when I realized I would have the opportunity to visit with Denise and Jim, two marvelous individuals I have known for a very long time.

At one time Jim Murphy, was my editor at the then-Massena Observer. As we pulled into a parking space, the former Observer office was nearby and memories of the mid-80s and Editor Jim Murphy flooded my mind and heart.

The shop is easily found. It is located at 32 Andrews St. (at the very end of the block). Just look for the large green “Open” flag welcoming visitors and passers-by.

What a lovely shop! It is brightly lit with collectibles, gifts and glassware placed with care, displayed artistically with tablecloths and doilies.

Everything shines, and glassware glistens as the beauty of the old comes through in a very new way. This draws the customers in to look, enjoy and purchase.

Denise and Jim have planned every aspect of their shop perfectly. There are even chairs for shoppers who might need to stop and rest or for those accompanying the shopper who is no longer interested in making a purchase or looking.

Yes, I found a beautiful angel candle to purchase — how unique, with a mirror reflecting the light and beauty of the candle. Denise packed my purchase and placed a wooden nickel in my bag.

What fun! With each purchase the buyer receives a Lucky Wooden Nickel, which comes complete with an offer for 10 percent off any one item.

Congratulations, Denise and Jim, on a beautiful store! How wonderful to be able to make the loveliest of purchases while spending a few moments visiting with friends. What a perfect combination.


It was just a week ago when we were in Chappaqua (downstate) visiting our family. Our daughter-in-law and granddaughter took us to a lovely coffee shop where we could enjoy our morning coffee, croissant and muffin. We sat at wonderful tables on a cobblestone street in Mount Kisco.

The best part of the morning was walking down the street to a newspaper vending machine. We picked up the morning newspaper, and there was an article in print with our granddaughter’s name in the byline! She will be a college senior this fall and is majoring in Communications.

This summer, she is working as an intern on the local newspaper. How exciting to realize she, too, loves sharing the news of the day through the printed page.


My apologies to the faithful readership of this column. I have always tried to share good news with you in a truthful and positive manner. I do have a calendar notebook with important dates and events listed written in script as I felt a need to make note of them.

Last week, I opened what I thought was the month of July — the dates coincided with the dates for this month (it is an older calendar that I have added notes to each year). The only problem is the dates I gave you last week are for September. National Coffee Day is Sept. 29 and not this week as I told you last week.

I had no idea I had made this terrible mistake until Monday evening when I sat at the computer in our home to share the news of this week. Monday afternoon, two dear friends shared Coffee Day wishes and even presented me with a gift of my favorite ground coffee and a handmade National Coffee Day card telling me friends and coffee go hand in hand. How perfect — it was just a few months early.

My apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused you, especially my friends Gini and Bruce. What a wonderful thought and gift. I will save the card for the September celebration, and I will treat them both to coffee.

I was devastated when I realized my error. But then I thought, shouldn’t every day be celebrated as a special Coffee Day? And I believe last week I urged people to enjoy the day with coffee and friends!

My heartfelt thanks to Gini and Bruce for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and my apologies for sharing the date two months early.


My apologies to Jeff McCallus, too, for wishing him a Happy Birthday a bit early. I smiled, though, as I thought about this error.

Instead of Jeff’s countdown to Christmas, perhaps we could just start a Countdown to Jeff’s Birthday. If I am counting correctly this week, there are 61 days until Jeff McCallus’ birthday!


Aug. 1 is the birthday of Jim Collins. I am sure that this is a correct birthday wish. I know this terrific gentleman’s birthday is Aug. 1, and I know for a fact tomorrow is that date. Have a great day, Jim, enjoying your birthday with your lovely wife, Lori, and your family.


My thanks this week to the individuals who drive the trucks to pick up the garbage from our home. During the summer months, the windows in our home are opened to let the fresh, hopefully cooler weather inside. With the windows open, the sounds from outside also become part of our daily life indoors.

Last week, I awoke about 5 a.m. to hear the sound of the trash containers emptying into the Casella Waste truck. I wondered when these individuals had gotten up to be able to arrive at our home at 5 a.m.

And I was grateful on a warm summer morning that there are garbage collectors who not only pick up our refuse but dispose of it so we don’t have to worry about odors and wildlife or bugs as garbage might accumulate. My thanks to each one who works diligently to care for the garbage at each of our homes. Your efforts are appreciated.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

— Thomas A. Edison

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