By now, I am sure everyone reading this column knows I feel passionately that the community we live in. Bombay is a marvelous place to live and raise your family.

There is a disclaimer: Our home is actually in the town of Bombay, not the center of town in the hamlet of Bombay. I must admit, too, that in recent years I travel more in a westerly direction to Hogansburg, the community of Akwesasne and Massena.

There was a recent trip to Malone. As we passed the home of Nancy and Curt Smith, I realized there was a reason this Halloween to travel to our town.

Nancy and Curt have decorated their home and lawn with a fun display for Halloween.

The Smith yard is filled with skeletons — there is even a Town Justice Court skeleton.

What fun! And a pirate ship named Nancy’s Revenge.

Friday evening and Saturday, too, there was an event in Brushton that found me traveling past the Smith home during the evening.

I was so impressed by their holiday display — the entire area, home and evergreen trees edging their lawn contain colored lights! What an amazing display.

Visitors to the Smith Family Holiday Display are even asked to become part of their wonderful Halloween decorations.

A sign at the edge of their lawn invites visitors to post their photos online on Facebook and Instagram at SmithFamilyHolidayDisplay to let the Smith family know where each visitor is from. My heartfelt thanks to the entire Smith family, especially Nancy and Curt, for sharing their extraordinary creative and artistic talents.

If you enjoy Halloween and enjoy celebrating this time of year, plan a trip to downtown Bombay and enjoy the Smith Family Holiday Display.

It truly is great fun!


Max Evans will have 90 candles on his birthday cake today. What a fine gentleman Max is.

He is a dedicated family man and such a diligent worker.

He and his lovely wife, Pat, are always there for family members, friends and for each one in need in the community.

And what a delightful sense of humor!

His quips over coffee on a Sunday morning are absolutely priceless.

My warmest birthday wishes are sent your way today, Max.

Ninety years — a truly extraordinary milestone!


The post-a-note on my birthday calendar tells me today also is the birthday of postal clerk Tabbitha.

What a lovely young woman!

She always greets me with the warmest greeting whenever I stop at the Hogansburg post office.

Tabby also has the kindest voice as she offers her skilled assistance when she steps to the counter.

My warmest wishes to you, Tabby, for only the best as you celebrate.

Have a great day with absolutely no postal problems (or newsletter mailings) to deal with today.

Enjoy! You certainly deserve only the best as you celebrate your birthday.


Felicia and Hubert Jock celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary Tuesday.

I saw Felicia recently while shopping.

As we visited, she shared the Jocks’ marvelous celebration. What a joy! She is the most amazing woman.

Although my wishes are belated by a day, my wishes are most sincere. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebrating with your family and many, many friends.


My heartfelt thanks to two young men who prepared the most wonderful sandwiches for me this week. Last week as I drove home from Massena, I decided to stop at Tim Hortons in the Western Door Plaza.

The menu item I have enjoyed for the past few months is no longer offered.

A few weeks ago, I tried a chicken panni sandwich.

And on that day, Alex made it perfectly.

When I stopped last week, I decided to try another panni sandwich.

Michael was the chef that day.

He smiled as he handed me my order.

He was so careful in the preparation, and his efforts paid off.

My sandwich was delicious — perfectly made!

And I thank Michael for the care in which he made my sandwich and the care he took in filling my order.

Your efforts were appreciated.

And on Sunday evening, there was another stop — this time at the Speedway Plaza near our home.

Devan was behind the counter.

What a terrific young man. It is always such a pleasure to visit with him and to have him prepare our supper!

Each sub was prepared with care by Devan.

And each was excellent, too!

My heartfelt thanks to Devan.

Isn’t it marvelous to live in the north country and stop for a sandwich and a sub near your home and have such excellent service?

I certainly think so.

An added plus at Western Door was to see Art McGee.

It is always a pleasure to exchange greetings with this terrific gentleman.


This week, I saw an interview on NBC’s “Today” program featuring another course offering on happiness. Last week, I mentioned one offered at Yale.

This week, I learned Fordham in New York City has a course titled, “How to Live a Happy Life” or Happiness 101!

I still would love to take the students who are paying tuition to learn how to be happy to pick up their lunch at the Speedway Plaza or Western Door. A smile and friendly exchange from either Michael or Devan will certainly bring happiness and pure joy!


“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

— Ronald Reagan

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