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Ellen Emery

There are at least two very important dates to remember this week. (I am personally not counting Halloween among those dates!)

Circle Sunday 1 because daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m.; remember to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed. Enjoy that “extra” hour of sleep!

Tuesday is Election Day. What a joy it has been watching the turnout of voters this year.

It also is wonderful hearing there is camaraderie among voters waiting in line. One voter even danced as she waited to cast her ballot.

Our ballots have been mailed in this year as we have chosen to vote by absentee ballot. Please make sure to cast your ballot on Tuesday — or earlier!


My thanks this week to Ray in the appliance department at Home Depot. In early April, my dishwasher decided to leak all over our kitchen floor.

The Gardner turned into Mr. Fix-It and worked to repair that dishwasher. Online parts were ordered, but there was no success in the dishwasher repair.

At the time, The Gardner had multiple projects that needed attention far more than did my dishwasher. There are only two individuals now using dishes in our home.

Although dishwashing is not my favorite activity, I felt I could deal with it. My mother loved to wash dishes (at least that is what she told us). She told me numerous times that you could think while you washed dishes.

My difficulty with this activity is that the minute you complete your job, a dirty dish appears on the counter! It is a task that is never completed.

Last week, The Gardner took the old dishwasher out. We discussed the possibility of purchasing a new one. The thought had crossed my mind that during a pandemic was certainly no time to use a dishwasher with no sanitizing features.

Although most of our shopping now is online, we made a trip to Home Depot to purchase a new dishwasher. Ray was in the appliance section. He patiently explained the dishwashers that were on the floor and then went to find out which ones were in stock.

We made the decision and purchase. Ray was there to assist with the sale and the process of placing the new dishwasher in The Gardner’s pickup truck.

He was so friendly and patient. I appreciated his kind assistance with our purchase.

Isn’t Massena a marvelous place to shop where store clerks are so helpful and caring? I certainly think so. (As a footnote, the dishwasher works perfectly!)


Sister Mary Christine Taylor, SSJ, will celebrate her birthday Saturday. What an extraordinary woman.

She is always there for those in need with a caring heart and kind word. I have met her at the Hogansburg post office, at the funeral home, Akwesasne Library and at a birthday party at the Brass Horse.

Sister Christine’s smile and warm friendly greetings always touch my heart. She always asks about my welfare and about our family.

My warmest wishes, Sister Christine, as you celebrate this year. Is this a milestone celebration — a very special birthday?


My thanks this week also go to the florists at Price Chopper. There were two occasions this past week that I felt should have flowers as part of their celebrations.

I called Price Chopper and placed my order for delivery. The woman answering the telephone and the woman who checked back with me to make sure the order was in readiness were both so pleasant, friendly and helpful.

I have learned the floral arrangements were delivered and was told they were beautiful — they were delivered to the right address and on the day I had requested. And for that I am most grateful.

My sister in California celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. I used an online floral website to place my order.

The site was one that I had heard about and seen in advertisements. I placed the order just as I had done at Price Chopper — although this order was placed online.

The day of my sister’s birthday, there had been no delivery. A notification was sent to me saying the delivery was in process.

Hours later, I was told in an email communication that the delivery was attempted but was unable to be completed. I sent my sister’s telephone number; no delivery. When my sister woke the next morning, her flowers were on her door step!

That day, I received a new email message that because the flowers could not be delivered a replacement order was being sent. I immediately sent an email to tell them my sister received her flowers and birthday balloon!

The next morning, my sister opened her door and there was a second bouquet (no balloon). I called the 800 number this time and talked to a real person to make sure my sister didn’t receive another floral arrangement!

I smiled this week and wished the kind, caring clerks at Price Chopper could deliver coast to coast! We are so fortunate in the north country to have local florists who are so talented not only in arranging the flowers but in dealing with customers and making deliveries in a timely manner!


My car was in need of gas. I drove to Speedway Plaza on Saturday to fill my gas tank so I could travel to Massena without fear of running out of gas on a Sunday morning.

The gas attendant was so pleasant and wished me well as I left the gas pumps. How kind he was.

With any stop at Speedway Plaza, there always must be a stop at Dunkin’. I placed my order and pulled to the drive-through window.

The young man at the window was so upbeat. His eyes smiled above his mask.

Immediately as I pulled up and reached for my black coffee (what a joy that is — when I order black coffee it is filled to the brim), this young man asked, “How is your day going?” What a joy. I don’t think anyone has asked how I was from the window.

My heartfelt thanks to this young man at the Dunkin’ window. You made my day a wonderful one!


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else.”

— Charles Dickens

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