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Listening to a morning talk show while performing housework, at least for me, makes the job easier to complete (on most days).

At times, there are sit down moments for intense listening.

On occasion, there is an author with a new book — the title of which I jot down for reading.

And at times, I find fascinating gifts to purchase and home decorating tips to watch.

Recently there was a segment on fall décor.

I paused to listen, thinking perhaps there would be a decorating tip that I could use to make our home more beautiful

The “expert” in fall décor began with leaves across the table for the television hosts to use following her instructions (not one on this day were what I might choose to do for our home).

What I found fascinating, though, was the fact that the woman presenting the decorating ideas had purchased leaves for use in her segment.

She told viewers that she had learned from a friend living in Florida about being able to purchase leaves online.

Her friend wanted her children to enjoy leaves in the fall and now purchases them each year so her children can play in the purchased leaves!

She showed the leaves, explaining how she had purchased them online from Colorado.

The entire box (about 1 foot square), she told viewers, had only cost $25!

I smiled as I thought perhaps that could be a new business for the north country: packaged leaves to sell to those in warmer climates, perhaps friends in Florida or California!

Saturday, I walked past my favorite fall maple tree — the leaves rustled under foot and turned over as I walked through them.

The reds and yellows were especially beautiful that morning.

We are so fortunate to live in the north country where we can experience fall in all of its beauty, at no cost for the purchase of leaves or for shipping and handling!

As I drove home, I noticed Donnie Comins working in his yard with a leaf blower.

I thought perhaps I should stop and share the story of leaves being sold for use by others not as fortunate!

I didn’t stop but have wondered if anyone else saw that television segment promoting the sale of leaves online.

I hope someone locally did.

I hope by next fall I can share with you news of a new north country business, “Local Leaves For Sale.”

We have a product here that others apparently are looking for — I think we have enough leaves to share with others.

What fun to make a profit with that sharing.


The Gardener has always enjoyed watching football — both college and the National Football League games.

With the games watched in our home, before long I was drawn in, too.

I soon realized that in order to make game watching at all interesting, you had to have a favorite team to cheer on.

My team soon became the New York Jets.

We were even fortunate one year while visiting our son and his family to be able to attend a Jets game with them.

What fun that was!

Life during football season is most interesting when others know your favorite team.

Mike Gagne on Main Street is a devoted Pittsburgh Steeler fan.

Others cheer for the Miami Dolphins with Buffalo Bob in Rochester a devoted Buffalo Bills fan.

My friend Phil likes legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath but is not a fan of the team.

Whenever our teams are playing each other, there are always friendly comments made about my team — most times in recent years, those comments have been in derision.

Recently, life as a Jets fan has been difficult, to say the least.

Sunday, the Jets played the Atlanta Falcons in London.

Since I like to promote positive thoughts as I share each week, I won’t mention the outcome of the game or the play of my team.

I would urge all of you, though, to find the opening ceremonies of the game on the internet and watch.

The national anthems before the game were absolutely sensational.

An opera star sang the national anthem of England — that was amazing.

The television camera turned upward, higher and higher seeking the upper most spot literally on the rooftop of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Standing at the peak of the roof was Marisha Wallace.

Her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at that particular venue was breathtaking.

Take a moment this week and find this national anthem online and listen and watch — the beauty of the sky, fireworks and vocal performance will leave you speechless.

The opening ceremony on Sunday was well worth time spent listening and appreciating the talent of a singer performing at the top of the world.

What an extraordinary performance!


My Joy Journal this week began on Wednesday evening when pictures arrived on my iPad.

What delightful pictures of Dan Henry celebrating his birthday with his family — complete with cake and candles.

What a joy it was to see his delightful smile.

My joy, too, is for the sharing of those pictures.

Seeing them appear across the screen made my day complete.

Thank you, Sheila.

My Joy Journal this week also includes the joy of receiving an unexpected greeting card on a weekday morning.

When the mail was brought in from the mailbox among the routine stack of catalogs, junk mail and bills there was a bright orange envelope.

Inside was a Halloween greeting card from a dear friend.

What a joy!


After I mentioned last week that the New York City grocery store our son shops in has an escalator, I was asked why there would be the necessity for an escalator in a grocery store.

Last week, I had only seen pictures our son had sent of him shopping — this week, I asked about the escalator.

The escalator is in the Whole Foods Store where he shops because the store has multiple floors and he says it is huge!

How grateful I am that I live in the north country and shop at Walmart and Price Chopper.

How much easier that is with far less anxiety for this shopper!


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

— L.M. Montgomery

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