Visits to the Akwesasne Museum have been part of my life for nearly the entire time we have lived in the north country. What a privilege it was to be assigned to cover the activities of the Akwesasne Museum for the Massena Observer nearly 40 years ago.

When I first began visiting the museum and sharing news of new exhibits, artist Salli Benedict was the director. The museum at that time was in the center of what is now the parking lot for the St. Regis Mohawk Health Services on Route 37. The building near the Community Building also housed the Akwesasne Library, which also was a frequent stop.

The Library and Cultural Center, which housed the museum, moved to a new building in 1987 and opened an amazing expanded facility. I always gained a great deal from time spent in the library and museum.

There are frequent trips made to Massena with my drive passing the Akwesasne Library and Museum each time. We have taken our sons there as well as grandchildren and visitors to our home.

Years have a way of slipping by all too quickly, and I realized recently that I hadn’t stopped at the museum in some time. I stopped and visited with a woman who told me the museum had been closed for some time for renovations.

I toured the now renovated museum and was interested in each aspect of the facility. I especially enjoyed seeing the basket exhibit, “From Tree to Baskets.” This exhibit included pounding the log to make the splints used in the extraordinary skilled art of basket making. Watching this process (and basket making, too) is incredible — a truly extraordinary experience.

I was told there was a section that provided a virtual reality tour, but I passed that up. I enjoyed looking at each amazing work of art by local artists, videos providing special events in the history of the community and the displays shown.

There will be a reopening of the Akwesasne Museum this from 1 until 4 p.m. Friday. I would urge readers to stop by and visit this beautiful facility and learn about our neighbors and friends.


Gini and Bruce Truax celebrated their wedding anniversary Sunday. Both Gini and Bruce are extraordinary individuals.

Bruce can be found repairing lights or fixing an air conditioner, mowing the lawn or just making sure everything is in working order at church. Gini and Bruce are always there for friends in need, whether it is a card sent, a visit or a warm hug.

My heartfelt thanks for all you both do — your caring hearts mean a great deal and are truly appreciated. Although my wishes are a few days late, they are most sincere.

I hope you were able to have a beautiful anniversary (after you made coffee and breakfast for others that day). Warmest wishes for only the best as you celebrate your 35th year of marriage.


As we listened last Friday morning, Reen Cook told us on CKON-FM about a promotion at Tim Hortons. She told listeners that the coffee shop was offering Smiley Cookies with proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club.

I was fascinated by this fundraiser. I had never heard of a Smiley Cookie before. And besides, it was a perfect excuse to stop at Tim Hortons.

My car needed gas, so there was a stop at Bears Den as I drove to Massena. What fun — the cookies actually have an icing-drawn smile! I purchased a few, and the woman behind the counter was kind enough to package them separately for sharing.

I couldn’t resist as I drove to Massena with cookies and coffee in hand. I tasted the Smiley Cookie. Not only was it such fun, but it was delicious as well!

I had great fun that morning sharing a smile on a Tim Hortons cookie. Later, I learned this promotion was nothing new. Tim Hortons has had a Smile Cookie day annually since 1996 with all proceeds going to local charities.

What a fun idea — I hope other coffee shops or restaurants will try a similar promotion. It was delicious and a wonderful morning spent reaching out to others with a Smile Cookie in hand! My thanks to Reen Cook for sharing the news on a Friday morning and to Tim Hortons for initiating this terrific fundraiser.


Sunday is National Coffee Day. I am sure some of you remember that I mentioned this day a few months ago.

Again, my apologies for reading the wrong note on an old calendar and getting confused as to which day to celebrate. (Shouldn’t every day be a celebration of coffee, though?)

Sunday is definitely National Coffee Day, a day set aside to celebrate what was described in a note on this day as “one of the most beloved morning beverages.” I agree that it is a beloved beverage — not just in the morning but throughout the day and evening, too.

I do enjoy coffee. But for me the most important aspect of this beverage is in sharing “over coffee.”

I recently saw a painting in a dining area in a church in Brushton. A steaming coffee cup is pictured with the words “Share life.” I love that — yes it is a wonderful time to share life and news of family and friends with a cup of coffee in hand.

Take a moment Sunday and celebrate National Coffee Day — but make sure you share with a friend. I will certainly make sure to do that with my friends Bruce and Gini who were so kind to share with coffee and a handmade card when I announced this day in July!

I appreciate their kindness and generosity. But on this National Coffee Day, I will make sure to share with both of them!

And I hope there is coffee shared with my friend Joe on National Coffee Day as well. That would make the celebration perfect!


“A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

— Anonymous

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